12 Ways To Save Money

Published on July 02, 2020, 10:00 am
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Saving money – this is a particularly important way to maintain good financial stability of our entire budget. Shopping for promotions, using vendors’ weekly ads are just some of the ways to save. In the lines below you can find a few more ideas on how to save money.

Shopping with a list

Proven to be one of the best ways to save money is to shop on a pre-prepared list. If we need several packets of pasta, fruits and vegetables, or just bread, we should not allow ourselves to add coffee, chocolate, cookies, a soft drink or even a packet of chips, for example. We go to the store with a specific list of groceries that we really need – for example, cooking products – legumes, pasta, meat. Buying small things like sweets, candies, juices, chips and the like from the list of so-called “Impulsive purchases” (something reduced, something in a nice package, something in a promotion) only adds value to the receipt.

Economical driving

The car market is flooded with second-hand cars that are affordable, with low taxes and not very low fuel consumption. It is best when we use our car wisely and if possible – not even drive it. Of course, when we have no way out and live in remote areas, a car is a necessity. However, when we have to visit the city, instead of paying for expensive parking spaces, we leave the car somewhere on the outskirts and use public transport. First of all, it will save us time in traffic jams, nerves, lack of parking spaces and fuel. If we ourselves do not understand, we can ask a specialist how we can save fuel and in which situations how to drive your car so that it does not become a real “dragon”.

Planning everything that is possible to plan

Do we know what our fixed monthly expenses are? If so – that’s great and even very positive. Unfortunately, we can’t always plan everything to the last penny. But in order to be able to try to make some money savings, we must try to calculate the fixed costs – electricity, water, heating, mobile communications, internet, loan installment, upcoming monthly payments (eg annual technical inspection of car, insurance contribution, children’s activities).

It is good to plan our upcoming expenses at least two months in advance. For example, if we know that Christmas is coming, we can buy gifts in November instead of December. Do we have fixed costs for, for example, an upcoming trip or a child’s camp? This is usually known at least a month or two in advance and can be planned. If the electricity bill rises in the winter and falls in the summer or vice versa, we are already aware of the approximate monthly amounts for this expense.

Investing in a dishwasher

In addition to saving us another hour on the sink, modern dishwashers have various programs to reduce energy and water consumption. This in turn will save money. It is good to see what is on the market, to compare prices and technical characteristics. We can consult someone who already owns such an appliance and ask him about the costs he has after buying the dishwasher. Finally, we can decide whether it would not be better for us to invest in such a device and reduce our costs.

Another way to save money is not to waste food

Cooking is one of the main activities of many people. Here, however, it is important to note the quantity. We must not waste food! We have to use it! We can make a delicious breakfast with the rest of the bread from the day before. We can find recipes for making dishes with the products available in the refrigerator. We have already given enough money to buy them. Is it right to throw them away lightly?

Use of promotional offers – coupons from newspapers, discount cards and more

Many large hypermarkets have promotional offers that come in the form of weekly or monthly brochures. We can see what is offered there and whether there are coupons for additional discount. If we shop online, we can keep track of such modern promo codes. If we have a card of some of the chains with which we use preferential prices – we can use them and save money!

Energy saving

There are quite minimal actions in this area that can help us save money. We can turn off the lights, invest in energy-saving light bulbs and appliances, and not turn on the TV if we do not watch it. We can simply exclude everything we don’t use. Many tips for saving electricity can also be found on the Internet. With little tricks and perseverance we can reduce our monthly expenses in the future. The key concept here is perseverance – we must not stop working on improving our energy-saving habits.

Saving on heating

When heating a home with the use of electrical appliances – such as convectors, electric stoves, air conditioners – we should not overdo the temperature. We must adjust the appliances so that the difference with the outside temperature is not drastic. This is especially true for the summer months. If we use only one room in the house – it is better to heat only it. Insulating the home will save us money in the future.

Price comparison

It is good to see what is sold at what price in different stores. If we compare prices, we will shop in such a way that we will not regret it later. It’s good to keep an eye on and watch carefully what we want to buy, especially on Black Friday sales and the like. If we look at the prices of similar products in several stores, we will certainly buy it at the cheapest possible price. And this will save money.

Shopping on sale

It is good to check the prices of the products on sale a week before and on the day of the sale. When we see that there really is a noticeable difference, only then should we buy. Shopping on sale is a very attractive way to buy goods, but there are also many small details that we need to look at.

Making sandwiches from home for work or school instead of buying them

A very convenient option is to bring sandwiches from home instead of buying them from restaurants. This way we save money, we always know what’s in our fridge and we keep our diet in order. We can make lunch for work with whatever we want – from homemade pickles to iceberg lettuce and meatballs. This will be our sandwich with our handwriting and ingredient preferences. And so we will know exactly what is in our lunch, because we have prepared it ourselves.

Monitoring for promotional offers and conditions when using banking products

Do we need money? Who doesn’t exist nowadays! When we need to contact a bank or a fast loan company, we need to see the promotional offers at the moment. If there is something that covers our needs – we can take it. In cases where taking a loan is not necessary for us and there is no offer to grab us – it is better to postpone it. It is good to look around for all kinds of discounts, no fees or fixed installments and make sure that they are really real offers. If we take out a loan, it is far easier to have a fixed installment than for the bank to surprise us with an increase in our current one at the moment.

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