Open Letter To The President

Published on June 01, 2009, 10:51 pm
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Please publish my letter in your paper. I have sent it to Mr.Obama and have not gotten an answer hopefully people will read it and respond to me and maybe Obama will too thank you.

Mr. Obama:
You say you care about all the people who are losing jobs daily; that you care about all the homes going into foreclosure and families becoming homeless. How much do you really care? I ask you this HOW MUCH DO YOU REALLY CARE? Everyday I see my neighbors and friends losing their jobs and homes. What are they to do? You keep saying how you are going to create jobs and help us, but I see no actions only words. You told a school full of children how much you cared about their parents losing their homes and jobs but it was only words. All we have seen you do is give out 1 trillion dollars to rich people who gave themselves big fat bonuses. You said you will help us but you don’t. Your stimulus package is a joke. Still businesses are closing in this country and thousands lose their jobs. How will they feed their children? While your children play on a $10,000 swing set other children are starving. While you paid $2,000 for a dog and that money would have fed a family of 5 for 2 to 3 months. I guess the Obama’s are too good for a dog from the pound. So tell me again how you care and what is it that you are doing. It is time for you to show us not tell us how you are going to help us.
Now if you would have really cared and thought it out instead of bailing out big business with that $878 billion if you would have divided that money up between every American citizen over the age of 21 that would have given us all approximately $200,000 a piece. Then all that did not own homes would have been able to buy one. Those of us who already had homes we would have been able to pay off our mortgages. Oh My God what a thought the banks would be full of money instead of foreclosures. We would have been able to buy a new car. Wow, just imagine thousands of cars being bought. Do you think the companies would have been bailed out that way? Then the home repairs we would have been able to do – new roofs, new flooring, extensions, new furniture, new appliances, new sprinklers systems, new pools, etc. Just think of how many people and companies would have had to be hired to do those jobs. Did that thought ever cross your mind – to help the little people who are the majority in this country? I am paying 11.75% I struggle every month to pay that. I do not qualify for your mortgage modification package or for your refinance package so I think you just forgot about me. Why can’t you make all the banks lower the rates to 5% to help avoid foreclosures? Then we would have more money to save for our retirements.
Now you keep saying how you are going to create jobs. Well, I would love for you to tell me how, Mr. Obama. Cane you tell me how? I am waiting. Well, I will give you my ideas. I also would like you to know I am a Republican through and through. So no, I did not vote for you at all and you have not shown me I was wrong for voting for who I did vote for. Oh another thing – all those thousands of ballots that were found after the election that were never counted, who were they for. I would really love to know. One of the ways to create jobs would be to stop all the big companies, (that make their money from us), stop them from outsourcing jobs from this country. Tell Verizon, Progress Energy, ATT, Metro PCS, and Bright House, to name just a few, fine them very high fines for outsourcing. Have them do it here in our country were they are making their millions from us. They can hire people to do this job at home. All you need is a computer and a phone. You have lots of single moms who cannot work because they cannot afford child care. Well you get two moms to share the shifts. First mom works on the phone lines while the second mom watches the children. Then after 4 hours they switch places. What a novel idea. Now they are being productive paying social security taxes, federal and state taxes. Oh my god, do you think the economy would rise with that. Then you have people who are on SSI. As long as they can sit at a computer and answer the phone they can do this also. Now they are supporting themselves and paying taxes. Holy God, I must be a genius. The best thing is the company’s would not have to pay unemployment taxes on these people because it would be a private contractor job. Now that is only one of my ideas. I would love to tell you the rest of them in person in front of the news cameras.
So, Mr. Obama, I will wait patiently for your answer.
Everyone who reads this and would like to respond to me here is my email

Diane Teegarden

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