Will We See Cases Filed Against Jeffery Epstein Under NYCVA?

Published on July 12, 2019, 4:07 pm
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The New York Child Victim Act (NYCVA) has created an opportunity for alleged victims of Jeffrey Epstein to file civil claims against him between August 14, 2019 and August 14, 2020. NYCVA will soon allow a one year “look back” period for the civil prosecution of child sex abuse offenders in New York State as well as institutions that were culpable in allowing the abuse to continue. For one year, it does not matter how long ago the abuse occurred.

The alleged multiple victims of Epstein’s child sex trafficking have a right to sue Epstein for money damages under the NYCVA provided the alleged sexual abuse took place in New York State—regardless of how long ago Epstein performed the alleged blameworthy acts.

The NYCVA revives childhood sexual abuse cases which had previously been barred by the statute of limitations rules which existed in New York State when the sexual abuse occurred. If Epstein’s alleged victims have an intention to sue him for the sexual offenses claimed to have occurred between 2002 and 2005, such cases may well be filed in court on August 14, 2019 or soon thereafter.

In essence, these victims could finally have a chance to take legal action against Epstein and recover money damages—as long as their cases were started between August 14, 2019 and August 14, 2020.

Bill Greenberg, Joseph A. Maria, and Rebecca Foley Greenberg have successfully prosecuted a multitude of sexual abuse cases in New York State and federal courts, and each is well versed in the complexities of this specific type of litigation. As such, they have launched The Law Firm of Greenberg, Maria, Greenberg & Associates to focus exclusively on the prosecution of child sexual abuse cases. With the passage of the landmark legislation the New York Child Victim Act, GMG & Associates can now dispense justice for the survivors of past child sexual abuse, regardless of how long ago it happened.

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