Why People Lie About Enjoying Gambling?

Published on July 24, 2020, 6:42 am
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In 2019, the gambling market value reached $495 billion, making it one of the most dynamic and profitable industries at the moment. No wonder that day after day millions of gamblers worldwide are trying their luck or simply spinning the wheel to experience the thrill and fresh emotions.

However, players often avoid talking about their hobby and prefer remaining closed without going much into detail. For the majority of people, gambling is a red flag and there are not many of those who can understand and accept such a hobby. Is this why players lie about it? Is it because they are instantly viewed as compulsive gamblers or because society tends to judge anyone who differs? 

Imagine yourself sitting on the couch, surfing the net, and choosing a slot to play. Do you feel comfortable about this hobby? Or maybe you enjoy checking in regularly with portals like Casino Hex CA for new no deposit bonuses in an online casino, will it be okay for you to mention it while chatting with a friend? Will you be accepted or frowned upon? Let try and find the roots of the problem.

Does enjoying gambling always means gambling addiction?

Gambling was for centuries considered fun – a party activity, mindless and easygoing. People came into it and went back. Millions of players found it easy to quit gambling and never exceed the budget. However, there are also those who cannot stop and that is when gambling becomes a problem, and a social issue even.

Compulsive gambling is very destructive not only to the player but also to the people around them. This addiction is developing rather slowly and does not have any physical or mental signs which means that relatives and friends may not even notice the problem.  Many compulsive players deny having a problem and try to minimize the addiction by gambling secretly. They lie, sneak, or even start distancing from the people they love.

Compulsive gamblers steal and cheat just to feed the addiction. Some of them continue to deny the problem because they simply cannot admit how serious the condition is. There are also players who believe that they are only one step away from quitting. And some are afraid of the consequences of freeing from the addiction and having to face reality.

Some players have higher chances of gaining a gambling addiction. For example, those who love taking risks or have ADHD. These categories should be extremely attentive and understand the risks before joining a casino game. If you or your close ones are worried about it, you should be open and try to approach the issue without judgment and with full support.

Prejudice and public condemnation

Another reason why people lie about gambling is condemnation or stigma. It is a social process that takes place when people are discredited because of their appearance, believes, hobbies, and activities. This process involves such stages as labeling, stereotyping, and discrimination.

According to comprehensive research among students, disordered gambling was considered a bigger problem than cancer and clinical-related worries but as stigmatized as schizophrenia and alcohol addiction. Research involving 281 students found that compulsive gambling occupied 13th rank among 40 mental diseases while alcohol addiction came 10th and paranoid schizophrenia – 20th.

A rather bright example of the situation is the Pamunkey, a native tribe in Virginia that wants to regain rights of their initial territories and legalize gambling. Locals oppose and believe that gambling is a huge problem and should never be allowed in society. However, these locals forget that they have one of the biggest horse tracks in the country.

It is obvious that people have issues with gambling and do not understand it. Labeling and discriminating gamblers may cause lots of problems because those who truly need help with addiction treatment would not want to feel the pressure and condemnation, so will remain closed and isolated from society.

Can gambling be accepted?

Gambling is nothing more than a hobby if it is treated with seriousness. Yes, some people are predisposed to compulsive gambling but the same can be applied to alcohol and drugs. The majority of players enjoy casino games without a need of getting help but they still feel the pressure of the society.

The biggest problem is that those not involved in gambling do not understand its background and the advantages that this hobby may bring. People simply do not possess enough information to make an objective opinion about games of chance. This leads to prejudices and condemnation.

We believe that telling about gambling, discussing its positive features, and treating it seriously may not only make it accepted by society but help to treat those who truly need help. Because people who lie about their hobby and have an addiction will remain closed and not willing to get professional assistance and support.

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