What Is XLR Cable? All You Need To Know About The Professional Audio Cables

Published on December 06, 2021, 8:46 am
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Audio cables are professional tools that allow you to connect audio devices to amplify sound. XLR cables can be used in professional settings for recording, broadcasting, and mixing sound. They are the professional’s choice when it comes to connecting microphones, instruments, studio equipment, or even computer components. This blog post will provide all the information you need about professional audio cables!

What is XLR cable and what does it do

XLR cable consists of three positive-to-positive and one negative-to-positive conductors twisted together, with extra insulation to prevent interference. XLR cable is a type of balanced signal cable. An XLR connector typically has three pins or contacts – one for each conductor in the signal line. Balanced cables can better withstand external electromagnetic noise than unbalanced designs because the two “hot” wires inside a professional XLR cable connector are clipped back to the ground on either side of the ground pin (or shield wire). This reduces induced electric currents that may lead to electromagnetic interference and distortion problems.

Why use XLR cables instead of other types of cables

XLR cables are shielded cables. They look more professional and they offer a clearer signal because the shield blocks interference from other electronic devices that might be plugged into an outlet near your microphone. XLR cables contain three pins, which makes them universal connectors for both mono and stereo signals–and unlike 1/4″ jacks or RCA plugs, you won’t have to worry about plugging in the right way around. One of the most distinguishing features of XLRs is that they can carry balanced audio signals without grounding problems. Balancing eliminates electrical imbalances in sound pressure levels on opposite wires caused by unequal sensitivity to electric fields in the two conductors resulting in less noise. This is why professional audio equipment almost always uses XLR connectors.

How to choose the right length for your needs

Choosing the right XLR cable is an important task for any professional or semi-pro audio worker. Lengths can vary anywhere from 3 feet to 40 feet, so it’s good to know how to choose one. The best advice when selecting XLR cables for your specific needs is to use the manufacturers recommendation – Manufacturers will often outline specific lengths of XLR cables that are ideal for their operation, especially if they make several different types of products (instruments, amps, mixers). For example, Shure Incorporated makes microphones with LR461/541 connector attachments and recommends an 18-foot maximum length. Likewise, Rat Sound recommends a 6-foot maximum length for their microphone system.

The best brands of XLR cable

Some of the major brands of XLR cables include Mogami, Sound Devices, and Audio Technica. However, there are many other high-quality products available on the market that depend on personal preference and use style. Get in touch with some audio retailers for more options and information about customer service and warranties. The ideal XLR cable is the one that does what you need and sounds good. If you are looking for a low noise level, it is easy to find high-quality cables with premium specs. Of course, if budget is your main concern or your needs are more general, there are plenty of cheaper options available – at the end of the day, not every cable sounds as good as others.

Common uses for XLR cables in professional audio equipment

XLR cables are commonly used in professional audio equipment because they are able to handle large volumes of power safely. They also ensure that the signal is transmitted with minimal interference while maintaining a robust connection at all times. Living up to their name, XLR cables have an “extra coil” that works to cut back on noise. The connectors themselves provide protection against short-circuiting the device and do not need any additional tools for secure connections. For these reasons, professional XLR cable is among the most popular mediums for excellent sound quality; specifically in pro-audio equipment productions like studio recording/mixing boards and instruments like guitars or electric pianos.

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