Water Rescue

Published on June 10, 2019, 7:11 am
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On Sunday, June 9, 2019, approximately 1730 hours, members of the NYPD’s Aviation Air Sea Rescue #22 responded to a marine radio call for seven people in the waters in the vicinity of Execution Rock, near City Island, within the vicinity of the confines of the 45 Precinct in Bronx.

The Air Sea Rescue helicopter, piloted by Detective Christopher Maher and co-piloted by Police Officer Lester Sanabria, transported Police Officer John Martin, Detective Brian Mullen, and Police Officer James Roche to the location of the overturned vessel. They were informed that an individual was trapped under the vessel. At this time, Police Officer Martin lowered Detective Mullen and Police Officer Roche via hoist in full SCUBA gear to survey the capsized boat for the individual.

Once in the water, Detective Mullen was able to make contact with a female who was found in the front compartment of the vessel, within an air pocket of approximately two feet. Detective Mullen observed the female and immediately gave her his auxiliary air hose. Detective Mullen then searched the boat attempting to find the best form of egress. After removing debris from the compartment, he used hand signals to advise Police Officer Roche that the best and easiest course of removal would be through a hatch/window.

Police Officer Roche positioned himself by the hatch on the opposite side where he awaited the female. Detective Mullen submerged her through the hatch/window where Police Officer Roche grabbed her legs and hands, subsequently swimming her to safety. Once removed from overturned boat, she was assisted onto an FDNY Marine 4 vessel, and relocated to a dock in Sands Point, Long Island.

A video clip of the rescue is attached and available at DCPI.

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