Upgrade Of Industrial Facilities Encourages Continued Growth In The Bonx

Published on July 03, 2020, 5:21 pm
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As businesses and industries in the area slowly begin to reopen and recover, the growth of the industrial businesses in the Bronx continues to flourish. With the necessary infrastructure, excellent transport links, and a large labor market, the Bronx is well-placed to support growing manufacturing businesses and eCommerce industries that require an increasing amount of storage and distribution facilities. As well as constructing new warehouses to facilitate easy access and delivery of goods, local financial organizations, manufacturers, and industries such as the city’s commercial waste collection service are upgrading machinery and vehicles to improve efficiency and effectively lower their overall costs.

Manufacturing Embraces Advances in Technology

As the fastest growing county in New York State, the Bronx has set records for development in several areas over the last few years. Unemployment levels have been very low, and in forty years the area has never seen so many new businesses. Throughout New York State, the Economic Development Corporation has made public investments in commercial enterprises, including industrial and manufacturing businesses. As a result, the number of new manufacturing businesses has increased considerably, and those that have also embraced advances in technology and up-to-date processes have flourished. A modern approach to designing commercial equipment such as industrial ovens and furnaces also has many benefits, and gives local businesses the opportunity to improve efficiency and cut costs.

Industrial Businesses Turn to Renewable Energy

For already-established businesses and government industries, investing in upgrades of equipment can help to reduce costs, improve efficiency and lower pollution. Funding is being made available to help companies swap old diesel truck fleets for those that run on more environmentally-friendly energy. With a fueling point for renewable natural gas in Hunts Points, industrial companies in the Bronx can easily take advantage of lower distribution costs associated with greener fuels. In addition, switching away from diesel will greatly reduce pollution and benefit public health, making a positive contribution to the City’s goals for zero waste and a greener future.

Expanding Industrial Facilities for Storage

As well as being home to a growth in new local businesses, with interstate 95, good rail connections, and numerous bridge links to Manhattan, the Bronx is well-placed to support business from all over the country.  Financing of over $300 million has recently been secured for a state-of-the-art industrial logistics facility, which will be built in the Oak Point Industrial area of the South Bronx. Once completed, it will become the largest facility of its kind in New York City, providing storage and distribution solutions for the increasing number of eCommerce businesses setting up across the region. 

By upgrading manufacturing equipment, replacing old vehicle fleets and expanding industrial facilities, local businesses are supporting the ongoing industrial boom in the Bronx. With further funding and investment, the area could see continued economic growth, an increase in both environmental and cost efficiency, and a reduction in pollution, which is a constant concern in the city.

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