Top 5 Well-Known Casinos For Their Architectural Design

Top 5 well-known casinos for their architectural design
Published on March 15, 2021, 8:55 am
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Online gambling is the in-thing in today’s world. With websites like accessible on any device, bets can be placed anytime and anywhere. However, for a more social gambling experience, visiting a land-based casino is the best option. That is why you will still find physical gambling venues all over the world.

In areas like Las Vegas, where competition is stiff, casinos strive to stand out from the crowd by incorporating spectacular architecture. This has expanded across the world, with each gambling venue aiming to outdo the other with its unique design. Here are some of the world’s most wonderful pieces of casino architecture.

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Marina Bay Sands casino is located in Singapore. It was designed by Israeli-born architect Moshe Safdie. The casino has an unforgettable and iconic design that is inspired by a deck of playing cards. The three towers of the architectural masterpiece dominate the skyline and at the top, is a sky garden and the world’s biggest infinity pool.

The $5.7 billion Marina Bay Sands casino-resort is built in such a way that each tower appears unique. The casino venue on the fourth floor is among the most extensive worldwide, boasting 600 table games and 1,500 slot machines. Inside the rooms, you will find some of the greatest chandeliers in existence.

Casino Baden-Baden, Germany

Casino Baden-Baden, located in Germany might be relatively old. However, it is still one of the most outstanding gambling venues in the whole world. It comes with a traditional yet elegant design that oozes a definite baroque feel. The structure is surrounded and supported by classical, majestic pillars.

However, what is even more breathtaking about this great casino is its many traditional chandeliers that are inside the rooms. The chandeliers are stunning in the way they are designed and installed. They also greatly contribute to the fabulous and cosy ambience of the gambling venue in general.

The Venetian Macao, China

Although this Chinese casino is based on the Venetian Las Vegas casino, it is much bigger. It is one of the largest casinos around the globe. In fact, it is divided into four casino venues at once. Apart from that, its architecture is more exceptional compared to the original Venetian casino.

The architecture is inspired by the Italian city of Venice, but it’s done with a modern touch. Inside, you’ll find many replicas of Venetian landmarks including the Rialto bridge. In front of the building is a canal, that will allow you to experience a real gondola ride while you are there.

Regency Casino Mendoza at Park Hyatt Mendoza, Argentina

Argentina may not be a casino powerhouse, but it is home to the most stunning casinos around the world. One of them is the Regency Casino Mendoza, a 19th-century colonial masterpiece with outdoor seating spaces. The building’s interior space exudes luxury and extravagance with its Ornate marble features.

However, the biggest attraction for visitors is the facilities they will find here. Visitors can enjoy trips and tours to explore the hills of Mendoza. The collection of casino games is also quite big. You will be able to play Punto y Banca game, a variation of roulette that was initially introduced in Argentina.

Casino de Monte-Carlo

The city of Monaco is popular for its opulence and the many wealthy people that live there. This also applies when talking about Casino de Monte Carlo, one of the most magnificent gambling venues in Monaco. The casino was built in a neo-baroque design, which makes it appear elegant and luxurious.

Inside the casino, you will find exquisite marble floors and pillars. The walls of the building are filled with beautiful sculptures, paintings and large majestic windows. Additionally, Casino de Monte Carlo is renowned for its beautiful opera hall, known as Salle Garnier. This one will definitely leave you impressed.


Whether you are headed towards the flashy Las Vegas, or you prefer a far-flung journey to Argentina, you will not go wrong with the aforementioned casinos. Other casinos that are famous for their beautiful architecture include the Bellagio and Wynn casinos in Las Vegas, and the Ritz Club in the UK.

All in all, each of these magnificent casino venues impresses in its own unique way. They are among the most stunning and most exclusive land-based casinos on the globe. And as seen above, there are plenty of reasons to say this. Therefore, if you are interested and have the opportunity, you should really give these places a visit.

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