The Slow Death Of Fine Dining And The Rise Of Casual Eateries

Published on December 09, 2019, 2:34 pm
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Restaurants are innovating to stay relevant in the face of evolving consumer’s tastes and preferences. Like other industries, the hotel industry has to keep up with the rapid pace of change driven by consumer trends and changing demographics. Gone are the days of haughty waiters, hushed rooms and starched tablecloths. Today’s restaurants are all about casual dining where you are allowed to use your phone to place bets on mobile casino games in UK casinos.

Is Fine Dining Having an Identity Crisis

Fine dining restaurants are usually higher-end and fancier restaurants. As opposed to casual eateries, fine dining provides the highest quality of food and caters to the clients collectively. You need to observe some fine dining etiquette in order to dine in these restaurants.

Trends are now changing and consumers are more adventurous in their food choices than they were a few years ago. 69% of consumers like to visit a restaurant that offers locally produced food items and 79% of them say that restaurant technology increases convenience. In response to this change in consumer trends, restaurants are turning to innovate operating models to grab a greater share of the market.

Once considered as the pioneers in the food industry, the closures of Movida and Marque herald the fine dining crisis in Australia. As more and more consumers are preferring restaurants that offer items grown in an eco-friendly way, the era of fine dining has come to an end.

Ultimate Convenience

There was a time when the height of luxury was a dinner at CBD fine dining establishment in Sydney, a meal at the latest hotel powerhouse in New York or a reservation at the five-star celebrity chef location in London. Today, these places feel like the territory of only a few senior partners at consulting firms or investment bankers.

These shifts in consumer preferences can be understood through customers heightened expectations in the restaurant service and food. Recent researches have found that we now have an even shorter attention span than goldfish. This, in turn, has shaped the amount of time we wait for food and the general expectation that we can have anything at our own convenience. People now expect that things in restaurants must be local, farm-sourced and handmade.

Those elevated expectations have also changed the food delivery service as well. Our streets are now filled with food delivery guys, reflecting our expectation to eat our favourite food at our chosen time and place, and the reality that restaurants are actually able to meet all our demands.

Luxury Without the Splendid Display

Although fine dining has seen a major decline in recent years, consumers have not taken the fine out of dining. We are seeing the rise of restaurants that maintain a sense of luxury in their items but hits closer to the target of affordability, convenience and availability. Consumers are preferring choices that allow them to have the very best of a restaurant without the cost of fine dining service.

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