The Pros & Cons Of Playing Online Poker While Working Remotely

Published on March 20, 2024, 3:50 pm
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Working from home has become more frequent than ever with the pandemic forcing many companies to adopt being remote. Although the variation in time and location of working from home may be beneficial, it may also be a challenge for a person to manage his/her work-life balance and to work on distractions.

One boom from the pandemic came with the rise of real money poker sites as everyone was stuck at home and looking for some kind of stimulation, so do the two go hand in hand? There is nothing to stop anyone playing on the more popular real money poker sites as they work from home or wherever, but does that make it a good idea?

The Pros of Playing Online Poker During Work Breaks

Mental Stimulation and Exercise

Playing poker needs mental alertness even for those who are into it as a pastime. It consists of strategic thinking, decision-making, probability calculations, and risk management. These cognitive functions are a sort of mental workout that can help to maintain mental capabilities and to sharpen the focus in the process of transition back to work.

Stress Relief and Relaxation

There are some people that find playing online poker as a form of stress reliever and relaxing activity. It brings excitement into life and enables us to make strategic choices. These aspects can be used to relax and to take a break from workplace stress. There is a noticeable increase in sites that offer freelance jobs, so that allow workers to take their breaks whenever and perhaps a short poker break could be what they need to find that energy they need for the rest of the day.

Social Interaction

Online poker might not add to the level of social interaction that is typical in a regular poker game; however, it does have the possibility of creating a sense of community and connection. Many internet poker platforms include chat functions or community forums allowing players to communicate, discuss strategies, and chat in a friendly way. This social aspect in remote working is advantageous in that it helps re-connect with people, which in turn tends to reduce feelings of isolation.

The Cons of Playing Online Poker During Work Breaks

Distraction and Procrastination

The major ill of playing online poker during work breaks is the possibility of getting distracted and procrastinating. It is very convenient to get out of reality when you play games so you might overdo it which will result in longer breaks and less productivity. This, however, may be more difficult for those who have problems with time management or they may get distracted from their work tasks when they have a break.

Financial Risks

While playing online poker can be free or with small bets, it can lead to serious financial risks, particularly if one is emotionally invested in the game or develops gambling problems as well. It is often the case that the small losses fuel disappointment, ill-temper and breakdown of a person’s spirit and productivity.

Screen Time and Health Concerns

With screen time being the norm when you work from home, you might get double the trouble if you also spend some of your screen time playing online poker. This can worsen already existing problems such as eye strain, poor posture, and sedentary habits. In this way, junk food and unhealthy eating habits may lead to the worsening of general health and well-being.

Potential for Addiction

Though online poker initially can become a hobby while at work, gamblers may end up having problems in the form of compulsive behaviors. That in turn may cause the employees to slack off on their tasks, experience a breakdown in their social connections and face a financial crisis.

Finding a Healthy Balance

Whether to play online poker or not when working from home during the breaks is a personal decision that must be considered from multiple perspectives such as, personal circumstances, self-discipline, and the ability to maintain a work-life balance.

Here are some considerations to help find a healthy balance:

Set Limits

If you intend to gamble online during your breaks, it is of utmost importance to establish realistic time limits and stick to them. Determine a certain interval of time for your break, and use an alarm or reminder to help you go back to work after you rest.

Prioritize Work Responsibilities

Although breaks are crucial for productivity and health, the complete focus needs to be on the job. Make sure that playing at the online poker room does not eat into your time to meet deadlines, attend meetings, or complete the tasks of paramount importance.

Seek Support if Needed

If you are having difficulties with online poker or other similar gambling addiction yourself or if you know somebody with this problem, then you should definitely look for professional assistance. There are a lot of services and support groups available, which include counseling services and support groups, that can help to figure the way through these difficulties.


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