The Incredible Advancements Of Gaming Technology

Published on September 04, 2019, 12:00 am
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Just a few years ago, most folks were searching for casino sites no deposit bonus and playing cartridge games on black and white TV sets. Game loading times were so slow, multiplayer support was virtually unknown, online play was then a mere dream and the games, while great for the day, were severely limited in content and graphics.

The last few years have, however, seen an explosion in gaming technology. This technology has advanced so far and so fast that it is becoming virtually impossible to differentiate the virtual gaming world from the real one. Games are now richer, sweeter, more accessible and punchier to the limit.

So, what are the most eye-popping gaming technologies of the last few years? Read on and get to know.

The Most Incredible Advancements in Gaming Technology

A shortlist of the most incredible advancements in the gaming world are as follows:

  • Facial Recognition – facial recognition tech, combined with 3D scanning now makes it possible for players to create game characters that resemble them in every way. Such unique characters can as well be made to mimic the facial expressions of their creators. Then there are games whose difficulty levels decrease when players grimace at the screen. This is made possible through such tech as the Intel RealSense 3D camera.
  • Voice Recognition – sometimes, folks find themselves too lazy to make to attempt the “strenuous” task of using a gaming controller or keyboard. The technology of the present day has however advanced far enough that players can use their voice to control their gaming console and perform various useful functions. Most recent game consoles, for instance, can be turned on or off with the voice alone. It is also possible to surf the web on a console using voice commands, control gameplay, fool around on social media, play music and video and more. Voice recognition tech is still in its relative infancy and will only get better with time.
  • Up in The Clouds – cloud gaming is the sort of technological advancement that sounds more like magic than reality! Basically, games are streamed from servers and then transmitted to varied devices. These servers take over the graphically demanding work, which means that even the least powerful gaming consoles and PC can play the highest graphically demanding games without breaking into a sweat! Cloud gaming promises to really revolutionise the gaming industry and well might be the most important gaming advancement of the last decade.
  • Rad Graphics – the days of 8-bit Mario gameplay have long since passed. These days, computer technology has made possible graphics that are so well rendered the characters and scenery look very convincingly like actual people and actual locations. The graphical capabilities of most gaming PCs and game consoles are frankly astonishing in all respects, with ray tracing and more enabling the sort of graphics that could make a god drool! And it can only get better!
  • VR ComethVirtual reality is still at its infant stage but does promise to bring about heaven on earth! With virtual reality, games become so immersive that players can swear they are living, breathing, and moving right inside their games. While there are quite a few VR headsets and VR games floating around, VR is yet to fully mature. When it does, the world and the people in it better look out!
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