The Health Impact Of A Great Mattress

Published on September 30, 2019, 3:46 pm
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You might not realize it, but the key to better health may be in your bedroom. At least, it may be if you invest in a great mattress. If you are like many people, you may have no idea how often you should replace your mattress or what makes a mattress great. Is a firm mattress or a soft mattress best, for example? It can be difficult to tell.

Ideally, your mattress should suit you. That means it should be made to support someone of your weight and build. It should also contain materials that provide your body with the comfort and support it needs. As for when to replace the mattress, it depends. Age is a factor, but so are materials and level of use. One of the best ways to judge if you need a new mattress is by your health. Here are some signs it might be time for a mattress replacement.

You Are Not Sleeping Soundly

Are you waking up throughout the night? Is your spouse complaining about your tossing and turning or snoring? Do you wake up in the morning feeling like you never slept at all the night before? If the answer to any of those questions is yes, the mattress may be to blame. Replacing it can help you stay more comfortable and breathe easier while you sleep. That can lead to less snoring and tossing, as well as a more well-rested feeling.

Your Back Aches Day And Night

There are certain times when you might expect your back to ache, such as after working in your yard all day. However, if your back aches day and night for seemingly no reason, the reason might be your mattress. An older, sagging mattress Does not adequately support your back. It creates what is essentially a hole in the middle of the bed.

One of the worst problems with sleeping on a mattress that does not support your back is the back pain can increase with time. Also, if your back already hurts before you lay down to sleep, you might find it impossible to get any rest at all. That is when it is definitely time to visit a local NYC mattress showroom. Testing mattresses in person is the only way to truly be sure the one you select provides the back support you need. Once you have the right mattress and the sags are eliminated, your back can stay aligned and comfortable while you sleep.

You Can’t Breathe Easily When You Sleep

Another sign you need to replace your mattress is trouble breathing when you try to sleep. That can manifest as wheezing, snoring or coughing. It can occur if you are a stomach sleeper and sink into your mattress too much. You can also experience breathing problems in any sleeping position, if your mattress is full of allergens or dust mites. Breathing in dust and exposure to mites can easily trigger asthma or allergic reactions. In such cases, a new mattress can immediately alleviate many of those symptoms.

You Struggle To Stay Awake Or Focused During The Day

You can also tell it is time to replace your mattress when you don’t feel like you have ever slept. For example, if you frequently nap during the day you might not be sleeping soundly at night. Struggling to concentrate, focus or perform certain tasks, such as mathematical calculations, can also indicate poor quality or quantity of sleep.

The Final Word On Mattress Replacement

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There may be no set date on which you need to replace your mattress, but as you can see there are obvious signs. Pay attention to how your body reacts to sleep physically and mentally. If you start to see a decline in your health, trade your old mattress in for a newer model. You should see fast improvements when you do.

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