The Domestic Violence Survivor Authors Panel

Published on February 18, 2024, 5:15 pm
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Presented by the Bronx Veteran Coalition in collaboration with Devil Dog USA Incorporated and the Mt. Nebo Grand Lodge Community Foundation, this past Saturday, February 17, 2024, members of the community gathered for the Domestic Violence Authors Panel. This event provided survivors with a platform to share excerpts from their books and engage in a Q&A session with attendees.

Victoria Gasparro, author of “Memoirs of the Girl of My Dreams,” read portions of her book and explained how domestic violence can manifest gradually, often without warning.


Veronica Gonzalez, author of “Trials & Tribulations: An Autobiography of Vero G.,” shared excerpts from her book and highlighted how domestic violence not only affects individuals but also their families and children.

Zenaida Matos, author of “Terror To Safety,” detailed parts of her book and emphasized how domestic violence can erupt unexpectedly, even in seemingly normal circumstances.

Black Diamond shared her experiences with domestic violence, preferring to use the term “survivor” rather than “victim,” and performed her song “Made It.”

These four courageous women, each with a unique narrative of overcoming domestic violence, demonstrated resilience and determination. They bravely utilized their experiences to raise awareness and empower others, showcasing the importance of perseverance in the face of adversity.

Utilizing various creative outlets such as writing books, poetry, and singing, each woman contributed to the healing process and inspired hope among others.

Some attendees were inspired to share their own experiences with domestic violence during the event. When asked what made them share their stories, each explained that they felt compelled to do so after hearing the authors speak so candidly.

One of the attendees who shared their experiences was a man. He mentioned how his father beat him regularly as a child and the extreme extent to which he did so.

“This panel is part of our recurring series, conducted several times annually. Previous events focused on self-defense techniques and identifying indicators of domestic violence, while the preceding session highlighted the emotional narratives of individuals affected by this issue,” said Gonzalo Duran, Chief Executive Officer of Devil Dog USA Incorporated.

Duran went on to explain that the reason they choose to address these subjects not just during Domestic Violence Awareness month in October is because this issue is multi-faceted. Domestic violence does not just affect women, but also men, children, the elderly, and animals. Therefore, to bring awareness to all aspects of it, such as resources available in the community through organizations like government agencies and nonprofits, it should be addressed multiple times throughout the year.

The event concluded with shared dessert, fostering networking opportunities and providing a supportive environment for further conversation and awareness.

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