The 2016 Presidential Elections Impression In The History Books

Published on November 07, 2016, 1:35 pm
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Around the country American citizens have been crowding around their TVs. The presidential debates, Saturday Night Live, and the news have all been watched more soberly. It feels as though the fabric of our ground is breaking.

As campaign speeches are heard through the television many Americans inhale a breath filled with anticipation, exhaling only questions. In one day, the landscape of our country will be drastically changed. The presidency is more than just the transferring of powers, it reflects what the next four or eight years will mean for the lives of the people that live in this country. Bad decisions or bad leadership may have repercussions that last for generations.

Every presidential election says something about that time in American history. This election is no different, as were the last two. President Obama becoming the commander-in-chief signified America’s shattering of a racial barrier that many believed would never be broken. President Barack Obama’s victory was more than just winning a presidential race. For the first time in American history, every child believed they could achieve the highest position in our country, and not be held back by prejudices that would have been isolating barriers. America showed that anybody could be acknowledged and believe in. Our country’s history had finally come to a restful plateau, so it seemed, for one issue centered around racial injustice.

In 2016, some of the same people that once voted for President Obama are angry and frustrated. The conservati ves that seemed so liberal in 2008 are now impatient and vocal about their rightist views which many liberals view as non-communal. Currently, many have sided with the same views as Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has been criticized for his uncensored personality. His commentary on minorities, women, and the disabled have overshadowed his campaign policies. They have also overshadowed the debates, and blocked the American people from hearing each candidate’s plans at length. Despite dialogue that has been considered unacceptable, and hate filled, Trump has a following that may gain him the presidency tomorrow night.

It seems like a drastic change, to go from one election where people chanted “Yes, we can!” to our current election wher e many are insisting for voting in favor of good behavior, since Trump’s poor decorum has compro mised what many believe should be pivotal to the presidency. Gone are the days when television comedies were squeaky clean and censored, it seems as though the bad behavior on reality television has made its way to the job position which is the equivalent of American royalty. However, most reality TV stars tend to try to have politically correct dialogue in order to not steer away any members of their audience. This puts this particular presidential can didate in a category all his own.

In American history, we have a pattern of taking a couple steps forward and afterwards taking a step back. This tends to happen before we finally come to a progressive time in our country. As monumental as President Barack Obama’s victory was, a presidential candidate with a hateful rhetoric, who previously tried to discredit him is an important aspect of our timeline. Trump being a day away from possibly being named the president-elect shows how much further our country needs to go in order to be come a nation where we are truly united.

If Secretary Hillary Clinton wins tomorrow, it will be a giant step forward in our country. It will show that hateful speech and dialogue toward American citizens will not be rewarded by the majority of the American people. In one day, we will know where in the history books this time in our country will stand. This election is more than just an election, it shows which side of America will win.


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