The 13-Year-Old Rapper From Bronx Who Is Better Than Most “Rappers”

Published on November 12, 2014, 8:10 am
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The world is a horrible place. It’s full of war, famine, destruction, poverty, and a new One Direction album.

The 13-Year-Old Rapper From Bronx Who Is Better Than Most "Rappers"

But sometimes, in this dark place we call existence, a light shines bright—one that makes you remember that, hey, maybe things are not so bad and maybe if you take a step back you will remember how a baby’s laugh will make you smile or that the mountains are endlessly beautiful. Or, in this case, you discover a video on the internet that is about a charming and adorable 13-year-old kid from Bronx who is a rapper.

His name is TMA TJ, which stands for “Talented, Motivated, Ambitious,” which is awesome. Below is a short documentary made by video journalist Kareem Ahmed. In it, we learn who TJ is, where he comes from, and why he raps. “13 and been in the game two years,” he raps. “And when I’m hot 50 Cent couldn’t stop my career / I’m independent like Michael Jordan in ’97.”

Later in the documentary, we get a beautiful rendition of him rapping hard on the subway. The funniest part is probably near the five minute mark when he raps in an old dude’s face as the man hurridely rushes across the subway platform. But the best part about this whole thing? TMA TJ can spit. Like, actually spit. Sure, his voice still is waiting to drop—but dude is 13, and already has better bars than most people who call themselves rappers.

And be sure to check out his “No Flex Zone” freestyle. We love luh da cheddar too, TJ.


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