Stephon Marbury’s Love Liaison With New Leading Lady & Friend Monet Merchand

Published on October 17, 2012, 12:31 am
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Love Secrets, Stalking, his Stormy Marriage & Airing out his Chinese Laundry.

In The Midst of a New Championship & building his Starbury Brand in China, Stephon Marbury turned his Life & Career around with a Fresh New Start in China  2012 was the Highlight of his Career. But Scandal Seems to follow this Man. We are shedding light on Stephon’s AKA Starbury Marbury’s New Found Love, his Open Marriage & The Force behind him Winning The Championship in China.

A change of Heart; Love turned this feuding Ex NBA Player/Lost Soul into a Champion. We Ask Who is She,? Well she is No Mystery at All! QUEEN Of Hearts, NY Native & Young Starlet Monet Merchand. She Is Classy, Fabulous, Gorgeous, Talented, Multi Faceted, & A Power House! A True Beauty Who Bewitched & Tamed Stephon Marbury from Day One. Monet Merchand & Stephon Met on August 15, 2011 online & these Two Love Birds hit it off immediately. It was Love at first Sight which Monet Merchand & became really great friendship. Not just another Notch under his belt.

They became acquainted it was an instant match hotter than Mercury & the Energy could be felt all the way from the Crevices of Hell. Stephon Marbury has been pursuing this Shining star for a Little over a year now insiders Say but Monet quickly cut him off due to His Marriage to Tasha Frieson The News came to her as a SURPRISE in reality Monet had no Idea Who Tasha even was. Stephon never mentioned her. As They grew fond of each other they became emotionally attatched. He was So sweet & Very Romantic. Writing Poetry, She came for friendship & walked away with Love. He was Stubborn at first but She Won over his Heart. The Streets were talking, from Close sources Tasha Grew Suspicious & created her own Social Network page not to long afterwards to keep Tabs on Stephon. Tasha Marbury is all to Familiar with his Cheating ways in fact She is very aware of Who Monet Merchand is.

Word is Tasha Went on a rampage telling her closest friends AKA her “Cheer Leaders” (Squad) about the Young Woman trying to break up their Marriage which in early Spring 2012 the two Exchanged Unpleasant words Amongst each other Via Twitter. Tasha Marbury is a Fame Monger & her distasteful Thirst for the Spotlight Shows tremendously through her Insecurities. Tasha “Mommy Dearest” Marbury is a Control Freak & Partially to Blame for Marbury’s Unsuccessful career in The NBA. Stephon Marbury Couldn’t even take Pictures with his Fans Let alone other Celebrities without her being in the Picture God Forbid they were Female. Casting out the Shadows of Stephon’s Dust it Is Rumored that she will Participate In Season 5 of Basket Ball Wives Miami. Why Now??? Tasha & Stephon Marbury has not been seen together in Public since 2007/2008. Is the question we would all like to know… “10 Years” of being Married to Tasha Marbury; No Chip, Lost Wages, No Stability. No Ring! Stephon Openly Admitted to Cheating on his Wife in Multiple interviews & even Called her a “Ho” on National Television when she Tried to phone in on a Live interview with  Mike’d Up TV in 2007 in The NY Metro Area Channel 4. *1* Year of talking to Monet Merchand & Stephon Marbury Wins a Championship in China. You Do The MATH!

Consider Ms. *Starbury* Merchand The “Beyonce” of Rap & her Credentials are Admiring. She is  Woman of Great Substance kind of Like Michelle to Barack Obama Figuratively speaking but with an Edge. But She’s not Trying to Marry a Politician she’s just politicking, She’s not holding her breath for a “Knight” in Shining Armor or Prince Charming she holds her OWN Weight. That’s the Difference between a Real Woman & a “Whore”. Stephon Marbury Was a Mess before she Met him & Monet was there to help him pick up the Pieces. She Befriended him & was there for him emotionally Spiritually & mentally in his time of Need. She lifted his Spirits up with her Delicacy, words of Wisdom & Softened his Heart with her Soft Spoken Tongue & Godly nature. Monet believed in him all the way & pushed him 101% but She was Far from a Home wrecker, She was a Home Checker! & Ran a tight ship so that he could become a better Man. She Grew To Love Him as a friend “It Was Different” she fell In Love with him & didn’t care about his Situation , his Troubles his Woes or that Woman. Tasha Marbury Marriage to Stephon is a Empty Shell with Nothing left but Vanity She’s a Front & now wants to be in the Limelight b/c of his success in China. She is an Insecure Creature who needs Help “More Like Jesus & a Bucket” Tasha Marbury is BROKE; Two Failed Businesses, Owed Bank Loans & She works Part time with her friend Tai Eisley selling Hand Made Jewelry from Home. Someone needs to tell her To Have a Seat! As in the the Words of Evelyn: She’s a Non Mother F’Kn Factor Lol! “What A Catch” She Brings Nothing to The Table. On The Other Hand we Have a feeling that Rising Star Monet Merchand has Nothing to Worry her Pretty little head over. The Spotlight is nothing New to Monet Merchand, She was Destined for Fame & Fortune. Ambitious by Nature, The Entertainment Business is Her Forte.

There is Definitely Something about Monet That SCREAMS “It Factor” & She’s got it. Buzz Worthy, Professional & A Boss. Monet Merchand Is Dominating The Scene & shooting for Global Domination. From Harlem To Hollywood Internationally & She’s taking No Prisoners! Her Presence Alone Speaks Wonders. She’s No Groupie & She didn’t have to Marry into Fame or Money (No Pun Intended). It is just a Title Nothing More, Nothing Less & Tasha’s Title is just as Pretentious as The Persona She Carries. Stephon Will always be Dear to Monet’s Heart. Wife or No Wife. it’s a Different Ball Game & She’s Playing Hard Ball (Love & Basket Ball) Two Wrongs don’t Make a Right but, this Triangle Love affair sure makes Great Television & Monster Ratings! If Shaunie O’neal & VH1 Producers of Basket Ball Wives Miami knew any better they’d get a hold of this for The Show. It would make Big Business. It is Safe to say Monet Merchand Gives LA Basket Ball Wives Star Draya a Run for her Money. Monet is the New “Draya” Making Headlines & would be a great Addition to the Show. This Could Turn Ugly but hopefully it’s just a misunderstanding. Due to threats & Stephon Marbury Stalking ways Monet Merchand Declined to Comment on there “Special” Friendship & She wishes Both Stephon & his wife blessings & all the Best.

Merchand is focusing on her Career & building her brand. Marbury is now living back in China preparing for another Epic Season with his Team Beijing Ducks.His Starbury Line is Moving immaculately with Rapid sales.With his Starbury Outlet Corp. In Durham NC & Stores opening in China. Stephon was Commemorated with a Statue In honor of himself for leading his team mates to a Glorious Win in 2012. This Man is on Fire & hopefully he Sustains his winning Streak throughout the rest of his Contract. Marbury Plans  to become a Future Basketball Coach in China After he Retires.But this Middle Aged Man isnt the Least Done & he Still has The Moves of a Golden Child; Nothing has Changed but the Location He’s Taken his Talents to The “Far East” & he rather Owns then To Be Owned. Call Us or Mr. Marbury Crazy but we believe The Ex NBA Star is On to something; A Pure Genius! As Far as Monet Merchand Advisors are Concerned Tasha Marbury is Mediocre & All washed up! Out with The Old & In With The New. Do we hear or see “Red Carpet” Bells hmmm Smells like a Match Made in Heaven between Marbury & Young Merchand is it in The Stars only Time Will Tell… With the the two creative minds & colorful magnetude this dynamic duo will be a blockbuster & power couple. We are Sure Rooting for these Two AKA “Friends” because the marriage with Tasha is DEAD end. & The plot thickens…

Tasha Marbury is Broke & the Proof  is in the Pudding. She brings Zilch to the table. Updated information has been released Tasha Marbury has Contacted Monet Merchand Via Cell Phone Still Continues to Embarrass herself on Twitter Begging for Stephon’ Love out of Desperation & has Sent Threats through Friends of Monet Metchand.

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