Shocking Footage In Bronx Captures A Brawl Over A Subway Train Seat

Published on January 30, 2017, 10:00 am
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Subway passengers on a line passing through Bronx were in for an unfortunate surprise as they bore witness to an extended fight over a subway seat.

It seems that a man and woman were arguing over who had the rights to a seat in a crowded car.

The woman seems to be saying something about the man stealing her seat, which he responds to with an aggressive attitude.

He said: “You a man or you a woman? I don’t know what you are. Back the f*** out of here, b****. I got your seat, b****.” 

The video uploaded to YouTube last Monday was shot away from much of the action.

But it appears that someone – presumably the woman – threw a punch as passengers then pleaded with the man.

They said: “You are not going to hit a woman,” “She’s a woman,” and “My kid is right here.”

But the man appears unapologetic for his response, telling the woman: “You want to be a man, that’s what you get.”


Passengers tell him to get off the train as it comes to a stop when another man starts fighting him.

The alleged seat-stealer tells the man that he has nothing to do with it, but said man apparently disagrees.

The subway is stopped for awhile at a 138th Street stop – either the Grand Concourse stop or the 3rd Avenue stop, both in Bronx – as someone presumably alerted authorities to the incident.

But police do not come before the two men continue their fight on the platform – and edge dangerously close to the subway tracks. 

Things appeared to calm down at one point but the original seat-stealer keeps making his way back onto the train.

At one point, he repeatedly yelled: “Take it in the a**, b****.”

Passengers then appeal to one of the men’s responsibility and masculinity.

They said: “You are a man” and “You got a boy.”

It is not clear which man the passengers are referring to. 

Occasionally, the camera shifts to two children doing their best to mind their business amid the chaos the silly adults around them are causing.

And at one point, a passenger who has clearly had enough of the nonsense announces: “I got a place to go.”

The alleged seat-stealer eventually leaves despite passenger pleas for him to “wait for the cops.”

The man gets one final “b****” in before storming off down the platform.

It is not known whether he was apprehended by authorities. 


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