Republicans And The General, Who Betrayed The President

Published on September 21, 2021, 4:08 pm
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It is horrible politics again in America, especially since people like Senator Marco Rubio do not seem to know the history. African Americans, Jews, Cubans, Puerto Ricans, people who lived behind the Iron Curtain or under communism in Latin America and elsewhere know the history. And there are many other groups that know the history. So at the very least, a history lesson is in order. Will Marco Rubio and other Republicans benefit from it? That is doubtful. You see that their kind of politics dictates a form of corruption that pervades their political lives.

Let’s turn now to the general. Miley yes, but first General Douglas MacArthur. I sent a brief letter to New York Newsday asking for people to consider renaming our local airport which is Long Island MacArthur Airport. You are now going to find out why.

Douglas MacArthur had a long career and he wanted to be President of the United States, but he did not stand a chance.

November Warning, November Warning

Two November warnings, one of the past and one for the future, but not too distant future. This is what I read about General Douglas MacArthur written by General Marshall “so prone to exaggerate and so influenced by his own desires that it is difficult to trust his judgement.”  And that MacArthur’s “intelligence had underestimated […]

Let’s turn now to important details.

  • more knowledgeable than all the generals;
  • shrewdly rations the truth;
  • cannot predict his actions;
  • decides what information he wants the people to have;
  • making sure his image is the proper one;
  • gets the maximum amount of credit for any victory;
  • a tendency to ignore matters;
  • he talks you listen;
  • no dissent around him and people get terminated;
  • everyone has to play by his rules;
  • an addiction to fame;
  • demands the ultimate in loyalty;
  • personal hatred of a president;
  • slow to react to initial invasion;
  • intelligence reports ignored;
  • never is wrong;
  • putting men at risk;
  • warnings ignored;
  • unrealistic views;
  • he is perfect in the face of his weakness;
  • people are out to get him.
  • others are blamed for things that go wrong;
  • immense ego;
  • in the midst of a war, he has his mind on campaigning;
  • lives in the kingdom of self;
  • makes comments about people calling them murderers and rapists;
  • wins over Americans in decline;
  • mistakes covered up;
  • willing to dance with nativists;
  • anti-Semites, racists, and labor leaders;
  • supporters, who were filled with passion, rectitude, and anger.

MacArthur had been designated “The Greatest Man in America” and I feel that Trump should now designate himself “The Greatest Man in History.” Read the whole article here.

Here is more about the Chinese and what they did in the Korean War. The Chinese had set a trap for the Americans and their UN partners which included Turkey and other countries. And just like the mess caused today by the coronavirus in the White House, by late October 1950 there were clues revealing that China was involved. Chinese soldiers who were interrogated were cast off as “Chinese laundrymen” from a small division and that was not true.

From November 02 to November 04, 1950, American troops viewed the reality of the situation in Korea as Custer’s Last Stand. And there was no slowing down of the losses.

November 07, 1950 started to reveal anecdotal evidence of a massive Chinese buildup that was relayed to Almond with no real change from the command. Chinese were hiding in caves and American intelligence was failing. The Chinese general said “To catch a big fish, you must first let the fish taste your bait.”

American troops could not support each other since they were split up so far apart. And conditions in the cold mountains of Korea even worsened things, but the MacArthur plan continued toward failure.

American troops were wide open to attack and annihilation and that was reported to the Marine commandant (whistleblowing).

As the casualties mounted in spite of the highest expectations to proceed with a small amount of casualties, one commander lost his own son in battle as 4,500 men lost their lives.

The Chinese luring the Americans farther and farther north of the 38th Parallel gave a signal that was realized and ignored. They did not blow up the bridge at the Funchilin Pass. Smith sensed that this was like “the dog that hadn’t barked (protecting the home).”

MacArthur was declaring victory over the Koreans as the Tenth Corps and the Eighth Army linked up. American officers who knew what was taking place compared being there to a “nut house with nuts in charge.” You can bet all the tea in China, I say, that a majority of Republicans and supporters will continue to advance the masterful move that Trump made by closing down entry from China to slow the virus when the virus continued to intelligently spread as people arrived on the East coast from Europe.

About a hundred pages later in David Halberstam’s book The Coldest Winter, he summarizes all of this. We had poorly trained troops, underestimates of the Korean enemy, and no expectation that China would enter the war. It tells US that what MacArthur expected was a flu and not a pandemic. And today we have people in command, not in Dai Ichi, but in the American Dai Ichi, the Trump White House. Dai Ichi means number one or número uno or the best. Trump knows that he has always given US the best. We know his monumental mistakes and we do not have to wait decades for the truth to surface as we learn about history. We know his mistakes and we know what his supporters are about. They are not the true patriots, being only neo-patriots just as there are neo-Nazis, etc. The war on CoViD-19 is far from over.

Times Man of the Year

Trump wins hands down. It has been reported that North Korea now has the capability (nuclear) to wipe out parts of the West Coast of the United States and we have learned that the Trump White House has done a “spectacular” job of handling the Corona Virus and remember that he went from designating it as a “flu” to having it under control, to containing it and it now approaches not 0 deaths, not 15 deaths, but 100,000. With American Independence Day quickly approaching, Trump’s spectacular job surely is not fireworks that we can all enjoy under normal conditions. His effort resembles those fireworks that have backfired in the hands of Americans all over the country contributing to huge amounts of emergency room visits, deaths, and suffering.

Trump’s Destruction

Seven million New Yorkers came out to honor and support Douglas MacArthur before his testimony in Washington, DC. Republicans gave him the best seat in the house to defend himself, his record, and his ideas in the other house of American government, the United States Senate, The fix was in for MacArthur to destroy Truman and the Democrats. Truman had just fired the general and MacArthur went to Washington, DC all the way from his Mar-A-Lago in Tokyo called Dai-Ichi.

What brought on MacArthur’s firing was information obtained about how he revealed to fascist countries in Europe that he felt he could enlarge the war in Korea to include Communist China. The dictators in Spain and Portugal (Franco and Salazar) were admired greatly by MacArthur’s right-hand man Charles Willoughby. Truman referred to this matter as “treachery” which today is called “fake news.” Of course it was fake news back then among Republicans as well. MacArthur went before our nation behind closed doors, voted for by the Democratic majority in the Senate. Republicans wanted the public to watch but that did not happen. Even reporters were not allowed in.

What happened behind closed doors was that the myth of MacArthur was destroyed just as the myth of Donald Trump is catching on today. MacArthur was fighting, so it appeared, to destroy the Communists and the Containment policy that was being used by the Truman Administration. He went north to knock out the North Koreans and to take control over the land. Instead he got knocked out but he placed the blame on others including Truman. He praised the Nationalist Chinese Army among other things for its professionalism and its combat readiness.

And MacArthur’s lies caught up with him along with his poor performance in Korea. He told everyone how the military commanders agreed with him and that fell apart as the top brass and the Pentagon were brought forward to testify. They revealed his poor performance in Korea including the most vital things that he got wrong which included his belief that China would not enter the war. The portrayal of the Chinese Nationalist military as being largely incompetent was revealed, men who were losing weapons that the Americans had provided and their changing sides in mid-battle to the Communists. And the general got his view about the professionalism of the Chinese forces in a “brief ceremonial visit to Taiwan in 1950.” A nation that was going to anoint MacArthur learned the truth and probably prevented his second run for President of the United States. He was no longer trusted as he was exposed. Trump has been exposed but has been protected by the Senate of the United States which Republicans control and by nothing more than the agreement of the Justice Department which possibly never considered that a person like Trump could be elected.

Americans really had not caught on to what containment was. They were used to victories in Europe and Japan, although they were tired of war and wanted to get away from it and the taxation that came with it. And the deaths were mounting in Korea.

The “fake news” being touted at that time were MacArthur was not very competent, he was not a patriot, and he was no military genius at all. Much of this parallels what we see among probably millions of articles about the Trump Administration today, from the inauguration to the CoViD-19 cure.

In 1953 Stalin, Truman, and MacArthur were gone for various reasons. Eisenhower, instead of easily taking back China, divided the Republican Party and brought about the lasting truce (containment) that has existed all these years. So it was not just Democrats who wanted containment. Voters today have to know their history and see the truth for what it is. And today we learn from The Donald that China is trying to get Biden elected. And Trump approved arm sales to Taiwan. Here we go again with the Chinese and possible escalation and lies about China.

I was just wondering if you, the reader, said to yourself that so many of the traits listed for MacArthur reemerged in 2017 in the Oval Office? And MacArthur has been dead a long time. Trumpism should be dead, but corruption more than anything else keeps it alive.

General Mark Miley was just doing the job that he had been doing before this call for his resignation and talk of his being a traitor. Republicans are actually asking Americans who have observed Trump from afar and up close to think that the general could take no action unless Trump specifically told Miley that he was thinking of attacking China. And probably if Trump had ever stated anything close to that he would either deny it (a la The Donald) or say that he does not remember it (a la The Donald). It was obvious that China had its concerns and that is when a president is supposed to communicate great. Trump as we know either never or hardly ever wants you to know his plan.

I just got done reading about the myths of Joseph Stalin and how his form of leading costs so many unnecessary lives of his people in war. This was World War II. Stalin even secretly planned to attack Turkey, I learned, and Turkey was an ally of Great Britain which made it our ally. So at that time, it was critical to keep a better eye on Stalin and that did not happen. And in America from 2017 to 2021 it was critical to keep a better eye on Trump and that finally happened. USA Today reports that General Milley deserves a medal of honor for his role.

Donald “B.C.” Trump vs. Jon “D.C.”

As we learned about more and more falsehoods spread by Donald Trump and even worse things, I told myself that Trump, just like police across America, should be wearing a body camera wherever he goes, including the toilet. That is exactly what I hope for and I decided to call Trump “B.C.” If you thought that “B.C.” was related to Before Christ forget it. “B.C.” stands for Body Camera. And a judge could be appointed to review those discussions that are confidential or top secret and keep them from the public, but we can show the president on camera doing what he really does best, except for telling everyone what a great job he is doing. Even James Comey probably could relate to this request after what he has gone through with the memos that he has written about discussions with Trump.

Misinformation of the kind mentioned hurts the United States, especially when people like Marco Rubio have not done there history homework and act hysterically (hystorically I have written before). This situation has to be corrected by Republicans.


About Martin Danenberg

Martin Danenberg was a teacher on the Lower East Side of New York and then became a G.E.D. teacher until he retired in 2000. His work is now more known than ever as he has reached out to people in politics and more. His ideas about helping American recently surfaced in the Election of 2020 as Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden spoke out to help people with education.

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Martin Danenberg was a teacher on the Lower East Side of New York and then became a G.E.D. teacher until he retired in 2000. His work is now more known than ever as he has reached out to people in politics and beyond. His ideas about helping American recently surfaced in the Election of 2020 as Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden spoke out to help people with education.