Public Education & Awareness Patrols

Published on March 22, 2020, 8:12 pm
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Yesterday the New York City Police Department began a new series of patrols in connection with monitoring locations and educating members of the public on safe social distancing.

Officers are stopping by public areas and reminding individuals gathered to be aware of their distance from each other. In addition, we have now added larger supermarkets to our ongoing surveys of restaurants and bars.

Starting today, officers will be visiting nail and hair salons as well as other personal care locations to insure their compliance with current mandates.

Once again, our police officers, City businesses and all New Yorkers did a great job responding to a challenge.

  • NYPD officers visited 1,647 supermarkets / pharmacies and only issued three (3) verbal warnings for crowd conditions;
  • NYPD officers visited 5,559 bars / restaurants / clubs of which 4,111 were closed;
  • one (1) summons in the Bronx for failure to comply;
  • two (2) arrests in Queens for unlicensed bottle club.

We are proud of our officers. They are a frontline in public safety, awareness & education. They have always been there for us and they are there for us now during this challenging time, said Chief of Patrol Fausto Pichardo.

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