Predictions On Which Sports We Will Be Playing And Watching In 2020

Published on November 11, 2019, 3:55 am
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People enjoy playing sports because of competition and fun. Like outdoor sports, video games, cosmic spins is also becoming very popular among the youth owing to its excellent collection of games. Here are some predictions of what we will be playing and watching in 2020.

China Will Take Gold At Rugby In the 2020 Olympics

People in China are very interested in the game of rugby. It has been reported that 44 million people in China watched sevens at the Rio Olympics. Chinese players have already proved their mastery of unlikely Olympic sports using the militaristic pursuit of perfection. The competitive experience will be critical, so we expect an ordinary showing on their debut, followed by a period of ferocious improvement that leads to the Olympic title in 2020.

Football’s Old Guard Will Resist the Use of Technology

For years, FIFA has resisted the use of technology and this will not change. Not in March, when it gathers again to consider again the introduction of goal-line technology, nor when the suits assemble in South Africa this summer. For traditionalists, the introduction of technology breaks the line between football of the present and football in the past. By 2020, when other sports are umpired by robots and wrong decisions are a thing of the past, football will still be monitored by man chugging up and down the pitch and trying to keep an eye on the ball and 22 players at the same time.

Press Conferences Are Replaced By Twitter

Twitter is replacing the public relations (PR) world, offering a new, direct line of communication between players and their fans. Athletes are now using social media to communicate directly with their public. In the following year, the sit-down conference and arranged interviews will have been phased out completely, and comments from players will be tweeted in 140 characters. The press release appears to be transforming and it needs new life in the form of complementary tweets to boost its circulation.

Sports Persons Will Run Their Own Teams

Today’s top football managers emphasise the collective will and these managers know that they must resist the shift of power from club to individual. The modern sportsman is a floating corporation and over the next 10 years, he might go freelance too. Today, the stars make the country or clubs. A stalled team needed good players to win, certainly. But even the most eminent organisations now depend on the parallel industry that supplies icons and turns fans into consumers. Tomorrow’s 20-year-old star will probably not measure his 5 years at the top against tradition’s ancient stick.

Boxing Will Fight Back in 2020

The fall of the USSR and spread of capitalism to the other parts of the world have produced countries that are embracing boxing and cultivating professionals. As fighter can now keep their earned money, the sport is increasing in popularity and is more competitive today than it has ever been. The new world series starting this year will dominate the game. Meanwhile, the world governing bodies will be marginalized by the Super Series and Prizefighter formats.

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