Our Lives: A Documentary Photobook Project

Published on May 19, 2024, 9:55 am
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After suffering a spinal cord injury at the L-1 level on June 21, 2016, Nolan Ryan-Trowe was diagnosed with incomplete paraplegian. Since then his work has been focused on stories about disability.

His next adventure is a cross-country odyssey, spanning 8,000 miles over 7 weeks, to capture the essence of everyday Americans with disabilities. From bustling city streets to remote rural towns, Nolan will document the stories of resilience, struggle, and triumph that define this diverse community.

“Our Lives” is more than a book or just a collection of images. It is a call to action. Nolan’s journey will document the tireless work of groups like ADAPT, whose advocacy has shaped policies like the Americans with Disabilities Act. With each photograph, he will preserve a piece of history, ensuring that the voices of past and present are never forgotten. There has never been a photo book like this, and Nolan is one of the only people covering his community and telling these stories.

Copies of this book will be sent to politicians, legislators, Centers for Independent Living and to others who have the power to effect change in my community. Upon publication, there will be book presentations, exhibitions in which viewers will be educated on disability and human rights in visual storytelling. I hope it will inspire other people from within my community to tell their stories and to advocate for our rights and positive change.

However, Nolan cannot do it alone. To bring “Our Lives” to fruition, he needs your support. By contributing to his Kickstarter campaign here, you will help fund the publication of this groundbreaking photo book with Fotoevidence Press and ensure that these vital stories reach the widest audience possible.

Join Nolan on his mission to change the narrative surrounding disability. Together, we can ensure that “Our Lives” are not just seen, but celebrated.

Featured image caption: Washington DC, Rayburn Building; May 9, 2023: A protester and leader from the national disability rights group ADAPT, is arrested and dragged out of the Rayburn office building by two Capitol Police officers, after demonstrating in speaker of the house Kevin McCarthy’s office. Photo: Nolan Trowe.

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