Online Slots – Are They Really Worth Trying?

Published on June 20, 2020, 10:28 am
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In the last couple of years, online slots gained much popularity. However, some gamblers are apprehensive about playing games online because they are petrified about losing their money. Although there are risks involved, you can spin the odds to turn on your favor and win. Most of the famous games in casinos are offered on a secure website. So, it is worth trying because of better features than land-based casinos.

The Difference Between Land-Based and Online Slots

Land-based casinos and online slots both offer the same form of gambling entertainment. Yet, recently, it has been a bit difficult for land-based casinos because of the decline of gaming revenues. For example, in 2017, statistics showed a 3.2% decline compared to the previous year. One of the crucial reasons is the rise of online casinos. However, land-based casinos also charm gamblers. These are the places where they can run to experience the pleasant atmosphere of the gambling industry and play in front of real people. So, although online casinos offer some advantages like play at the comfort of their house, they cannot play physically in front of other players. Let’s take a quick snippet of the pluses and minuses that these two types of gambling casinos have to offer.


When it comes to convenience, online slots provides excellent comfort. Bettors can play anytime and anywhere. So, even though it is enjoyable to go and play in the land-based casinos, they cannot always go out.

New Games

In the Online Slots section of G-club, there are plenty of games available. Some websites provide free games, which is advantageous on the part of the novice gamblers. They can play games at no bets and no stakes. Thereby allowing them to learn the game first before the play using real money.

Freebies and Promotions

There are more options for freebies and promotions in online casinos. Promotions and freebies are also available in a land-based casino, but they seldom occur. Online slots offer a large variety of these.

More Games

Online slots have more games offered, unlike land-based casinos, which provides a limited game set.


The atmosphere of the land-based casinos beats the online slots. When you go to a casino, you will feel the intoxication of the luxury and style. It fits the place you can call a palace. It also allows socialization where you meet new people in the table. It is something that online casinos cannot offer because, in online slots, gamblers play using their computers.

These two types of casinos operate differently. Both offer an advantage and disadvantage. It will just depend on the players, which is best suited to them.

Biggest Wins at Online Slots

Online slots have become famous nowadays, and jackpot prize rises in the most incredible statistics. In fact, many gamblers hit a huge amount of money from playing online casino. Some of the big wins are the following:

A Finnish bettor who bet on a Mega Fortune won in an online slots in Scandinavia on January 20, 2013. He earned a massive amount of $24 million, and it is the largest jackpot won online.

£13.2 million
Jonathon Heywood, a British soldier from the United Kingdom, won an approximately $17.2 million jackpot at the Betway Casino on October 06, 2015.

€11.7 million
A man from Norway decided to play at Mega Fortune in after unable to sleep one night. He became rich after winning the jackpot of €11.7 million.

Alexander from Sweden won around $9.57 million jackpot playing Mega Moolah on November 28, 2015.

€7.9 million
D.P. won around $8.82 million on August 28, 2016, using her iPad device playing online slots at Zodiac Casino.

NZ $10,144,395
Rawiri Pou from New Zealand hit a jackpot win of $7.4 million on June 17, 2016, while playing at Mega Moolah slot machine in Casino Land. He was very shocked upon knowing it and was extremely overwhelmed.

Where to Practice Playing Slots Before You Play for Real Money

Playing in an online slot machine gives you the option to play for fun and for free or play using real money. If you are not ready and not confident enough to place your bet, start playing for fun. It will help you practice playing in a slot machine before even trying your luck using real money. There are plenty of online slots for free. Some of these free slots games are available at,,,, and many more.

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