NYPD CoViD-19 Summons Enforcement Data

Published on May 08, 2020, 2:00 pm
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The New York City Police Department, between March 16, 2020 and May 05, 2020, has had around or more than 1,000,000 contacts with the public in our awareness and educational visits across the five boroughs. In the course of those visits– to pharmacies, supermarkets, nail salons, other personal care locations, bars, restaurants, parks and religious institutions, there were 374 summonses issued for acts likely to spread disease and to violate emergency measures (all following data falls within the period of March 16, 2020 through May 05, 2020 unless otherwise stated).

Of the 374 summonses which were issued for violations of emergency procedures and acts likely to spread disease, 17 social gathering incidents accounted for 163 of the summonses issued citywide. In Brooklyn, 206 summonses were issued, 121 of which were issued at 12 social gatherings. In the Bronx, 99 summonses were issued, 42 of which were issued at 5 social gatherings.

When the raw summons data is examined, Black and Hispanic men and women are represented the most. Of the 374 summonses issued in regard to social distancing, the respondents for 193 of those summonses are Black and the respondents for 111 of those summonses are Hispanic.

A further breakdown of the summons enforcement data by race, age, and gender within each borough follows below.


All crime statistics are preliminary and subject to further analysis, revisions, or change.

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