NYCHA Completes 2023-24 Winter Heating Season, Marked By Continued Performance Improvements

Published on June 10, 2024, 2:08 pm
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Following the close of the 2023-2024 heat season on May 31, the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) today announced continued performance improvements, noteworthy heating infrastructure investments, and progress made toward the Authority’s and the City’s sustainability goals. This year, NYCHA continued improving performance in service to residents throughout the winter months, notably marked by an 11 percent decrease in heat or hot water outages from the previous heating season and $100.5 million in capital heating infrastructure investments made to benefit nearly 11,000 residents at five developments. The Authority also completed its heating season using cold climate window heat pumps in 24 apartments as part of the Clean Heat for All pilot program. Heat is a key pillar of NYCHA’s 2019 Agreement with the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD).

Each year, during the heating season — which is October 1 through May 31— all New York City building owners must maintain an indoor temperature of at least 68 degrees between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. when it’s below 55 degrees outside. From 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., indoor temperature must be at least 62 degrees, regardless of the temperature outside. Hot water must be kept at a minimum temperature of 120 degrees at the source year-round.

NYCHA’s Heating Management, Operations, Emergency Management and Services, and Asset and Capital Management departments work collaboratively throughout the year to repair and maintain the Authority’s extensive network of boilers, distribution equipment, and hot water systems that deliver heat and hot water service to public housing residents across New York City.

In addition to 11 percent fewer heat or hot water outages at developments for the 2023-2024 heating season, NYCHA maintained a seven-hour average restoration time – five hours ahead of the HUD requirement of 12 hours, and 17 hours ahead of the 24-hour requirement for private landlords. NYCHA has met and exceeded the goal set by HUD every year since the signing of the Agreement.

“Heat service is a key pillar area of the 2019 HUD Agreement and a major contributing factor to a New Yorker’s quality of life during the cold winter months,” said NYCHA Chief Executive Officer Lisa Bova-Hiatt. “As such, we place tremendous importance on ensuring consistent and reliable heat delivery for our residents during the winter heating season. As we did the year prior, this year we bested ourselves in the reduction of outages and our responsiveness to service interruptions; invested an impressive $100.5 million into capital heating upgrades to improve heat service delivery; and made considerable progress toward the Authority’s and New York City’s sustainability goals through the exploration of heat pump technology. We are very proud of the strides we continue to make related to heat delivery in service to our residents and will continue to strive to provide the means for an improved quality of life for each and every one of them.”

“This year, NYCHA has again improved its heat service track record with fewer outages and faster response times,” said NYCHA Chief Operating Officer Eva Trimble. “Our Heating Management Services Department understands that behind each statistic, there is a human being. We’re dedicated to doing everything in our power to keep NYCHA residents warm and comfortable during the cold winter months, and our continued improvement is a testament to that.”

“Our steam heating systems – and boilers in particular – are increasingly beyond their useful operating lives,” said NYCHA Chief Asset and Capital Management Officer Shaan Mavani. “Replacing these assets and moving to new types of systems is critical to improve our heat and hot water service quality, reliability, and resiliency, as we have been able to do over the last year for 11,000 residents in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and the Bronx, in part through completing much-needed infrastructure upgrades.”

In keeping with the Authority’s ongoing dedication to meeting 2019 HUD Agreement obligations by investing in more sustainable, reliable, lower cost heating systems, NYCHA completed $100.5 million in heating infrastructure upgrades at five developments across the Bronx, Brooklyn, and Manhattan — Gompers, Gravesend, Patterson, Rangel, and Soundview — during the 2023-2024 heating season. At those developments and at other developments where heating work is ongoing, NYCHA has installed 35 new energy-efficient boilers since May 2023. Other completed upgrades include the installation of energy-efficient hot water heaters, storage tanks, piping, plumbing equipment, and electrical panels, as well as other elements of comprehensive boiler plant upgrades.

NYCHA also completed the winter heating season portion of the Clean Heat for All pilot program, which utilizes cold climate packaged heat pumps from two manufacturers in 24 apartments at Woodside Houses. The heat pumps were developed in response to the 2021 Clean Heat for All challenge, which invited manufacturers to develop a low-cost heating and cooling solution that could be installed in NYCHA apartments at scale. The units were used as the sole source of heat in 24 apartments, and provided consistently comfortable temperatures throughout the pilot period, with residents reporting high levels of satisfaction with the new units. The Authority is currently assessing the results of this winter’s pilot at Woodside Houses and will also study the units’ cooling service during the summer months.


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