NYC: Now That’s Democracy

Published on July 21, 2009, 11:11 pm
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New Yorkers Speak Up/Stand Up

Let’s Take Back Our City Meeting of FedUpNewYorkers (FUNY) at: LGBT Center on 208 W 13th St between 7th and 8th Avenue.

FUNY had its first organizational meeting on July 7.

Its founding members are:

Ira Glasser, former national director of the ACLU. Nat Hentoff, long-time columnist for The Village Voice, now a senior fellow of the CATO Institute. Neil Fabricant, president emeritus of George Washington University’s Graduate School of Political Management.

We are long-time New Yorkers—and We Are Fed Up.

Some 60 groups and individuals attended the first meeting, including the communications, volunteer director, and other paid staff of the Thompson and Avella campaigns, active members of local Obama chapters, the heads of Queens civic associations, Staten Islanders, gay and lesbian groups, the chair of the downtown chapter of the Working Families Party, Manhattan Democratic political clubs, animal rights activists, etc.

Our politics may differ, but we have come together on a single objective: We will actively oppose anyone who seeks a third-term.

Elected officials must respect the people’s vote.  We are convinced that the only way to force them to do so is to work hard to defeat Michael Bloomberg, Christine Quinn, and all would-be third-termers. Our success will send a powerful message to every elected official in the country. On Thursday, July 23, FUNY will have a coming out party.

Giving Witness

Beginning at 6 PM, groups from all over the city will tell the stories of their experiences with the Bloomberg administration. 

We would like you to tell your story.

Every story will be videotaped and distributed on websites devoted to New York politics and to any other blogs who want to post it. The storytellers will prepare written versions for distribution.

We anticipate the attendance of and coverage by the mainstream media.

Given the large numbers of people who want to tell their stories, you should let us know whether you plan to do so as quickly as possible. We have to schedule the speakers.

If you agree to tell your story, please send us a brief summary in publishable form and bring copies to the meeting. We will distribute it to the press

A Weekly Campaign Newspaper

To ensure that we break through the media fog that characterizes this campaign, we will be distributing the first issue of an eight-page campaign weekly. The paper will be distributed throughout the city right up to the election. It will cover everything from the true state of our public schools, the skyrocketing rents and property taxes, the Bloomberg Wall Street-Real Estate agenda, which has burdened the city with massive debt and eviscerated entire communities, the gross violations of civil liberties, the blatant looting of the public treasury, and more.  

Please contact to let us know whether you plan to attend. 

Neil Fabricant

FUNY Coalition (In Formation)

John Scott
Downtown Club Chair, Working Families Party

Allen Roskoff, President of the Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club*

New York League of Humane Voters
Coalition to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages
Robert Doocey, member of the executive board, Juniper Park Civic Association*
Edward Kampermann, member of the executive board, Juniper Park Civic Association*
Pam Garrison, Grassroots Education Movement NYC*
New York Community Council

*Organizational affiliation is listed for identification purposes only.


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