NYC Faces Nurses Shortage

Published on June 15, 2022, 5:05 pm
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Health care professionals contribute significantly to society. They help to deliver health and care efficiently. They treat the patients by offering prolonged consultations. Moreover, health care professionals are divided into different categories based on their academics and skills. Most prominently, nurses are front-liners along with doctors and consultants. By deliberately employing their skills and expertise, nurses have a profound role. 

Due to their significant roles, their demands are mounting with each progressive year. However, despite its demand, NYC is facing exacerbating fall in the number of registered nurses. The problem began to rise even before the pandemic. For decades, NYC has been facing this issue. However, the pandemic compounds the problem and exceeds the shortage to an alarming situation.

Determining the factors behind this downfall 

Since the 1980s, NYC has been facing this grave situation. Nurses are considered the pillars of any health care system. Without them, there would be a void in the system. Hence, it is significant to look into the determining factors behind this decline. To curb this issue, the government should enroll more students in nursing. In this way, many people are studying an online nursing program despite their hectic work routine.

  • Covid-19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has pronounced the decline to another extent. Due to Covid-19, many competent and skilled nurses have lost their lives while performing their duty. This pandemic upsurge compelled many nurses to leave their profession due to the high fatality rate of high health care professionals during Covid-19. 

Moreover, nurses have certain apprehensions regarding their safety. Many unvaccinated patients can contaminate themselves with Coronavirus and its variants. Hence, the shortage of nurses becomes more significant when many nurses leave their profession. 

  • Traveling nurses

It is a program that gives nurses high incentives, around $8000 a week. This vast amount is three-fold more significant than their monthly wages. These nurses got scattered to different states to fill the gap. Hence, due to this scheme, many nurses travel from NYC to other states to perform their duties. As a result, there are 12 nurses for a population of 1,000. It significantly impacts the health status of society.

Implications of nurses shortage

Nurses shortage has severe and significant consequences not only on an individual level but also at the state level. Nurses took extensive care of patients by monitoring their vital organ’s functioning, analyzing care charts, medication charts, and daily logs. They have a responsible role to play in society. Therefore its shortage has profound implications.

  • Nurses shortage can lead to inefficient health and social care system. Nurses are one of the main components of the health and social care system. They look after a patient by taking care of their meals and medications. Moreover, some nurses also play a significant role in delivering psychotherapy to individuals having dementia. In their absence, the health system would be fragile.
  • Patients will have improper monitoring and counseling since nurses have a primary role in delivering appropriate care and treatment. Hence, their shortage can lead to inadequate care for an individual.
  • Nurses shortage will affect the working capacity of remaining nurses. According to the statistics, there are only 12 nurses for 1000 people. Hence, it becomes inconvenient for them to deal with many people. Therefore, it will have a direct effect on their efficiency and ability. Subsequently, they have to work under pressure.
  • Due to this shortage, the overall health system is deteriorating in NYC. Since nurses cannot work more than their capacity, due to this reason, many nurses experience physical and mental challenges. Moreover, nurses’ lack of adequate care will create an imbalance in the health system.

Final thoughts

The lack of nurses in NYC is causing significant setbacks to the health system. It was evident when a shortage of nurses caused ineffective care and treatment during a pandemic. Moreover, a healthy nation should have a better running health system. The government should look into the matter by enrolling more people in nursing. Furthermore, it should give them incentives for recognizing their efforts.

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