NY State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli Is No. 1

Published on December 06, 2014, 5:00 am
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You should know that there were three statewide elections in New York State, and the candidates who ran as incumbents were: Andrew Cuomo for Governor, Eric Schneiderman for Attorney General, and Tom DiNapoli for State Comptroller.

During the election season, we were able to see all three competing to get re-elected and see who would be the biggest vote getter of all. Governor Andrew Cuomo had more than $35 million dollars in his war chest. Eric Schneiderman had a 25 to 1 cash-in-hand advantage over his challenger. The least of them was Tom DiNapoli, with a modest amount of campaign money to spend in his race.

You should know that Tom DiNapoli is a humble, honest, decent, and down to earth public servant.  Of all three statewide candidates, his campaign was conducted in the most civil manner. He never insulted anyone, he did not use negative ads, and he did not turn on his opponent.

Tom DiNapoli participated in a televised public debate, and during that debate he conducted himself with respect toward his opponent. He did not use the pain and suffering of other people to promote himself. During the election, he was what he has always been: a gentleman.

You should know that even though Comptroller Tom DiNapoli and I do not agree on some important social issues and even though he does not support my philosophy, he has always treated me and everyone else with respect. He has always extended his hand to those in need. Even though we profoundly disagree on some serious matters, since he became Comptroller, Tom DiNapoli has been responsive to my requests. Tom DiNapoli does not brag about himself. He is what we call a public servant who serves everybody without exception to any person’s nationality, gender, religious or social beliefs.

That is why I believe that Tom DiNapoli was the biggest vote-getter in New York State’s electorate, and why I believe he is one of the smartest elected officials in the nation. He did not let anyone sway him into being played with phony attack ads or by airing phony negative commercials.

The election results for the three statewide candidates speak for themselves: Governor Andrew Cuomo only received 54% of the vote, Attorney General Eric Schneiderman received 56% of the vote – but in comparison, Comptroller Tom DiNapoli received 60% of the vote, making him the biggest vote getter of all – and the most loved by New York voter electorate.

I am proud and honored to know Tom DiNapoli. He is a wonderful human being. He has been chosen by the State of New York as the one that they trust the most, and it is no wonder with his #1 personality.

This is Senator Rev. Rubén Díaz, and this is what you should know.


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