Nude Housekeeper Kills In Bronx

Published on January 12, 2011, 8:11 am
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A nude housekeeper charged with murder in the Bronx knew his victim was paying for more than just a clean apartment, prosecutors said Tuesday.

“He gets paid $150. You think he’s getting that kind of rate for feather dusting?” Bronx Assistant District Attorney David Greenfield said of the accused killer-maid, Thomas Cordero. “That must be some mighty fine housecleaning!”

Cordero, 41, is on trial for the brutal Oct. 2001 stabbing of Manhattan paralegal John Conley.

The nude maid said he visited Conley’s Eastchester home simply to vacuum and “parade around the house naked,” then stabbed Conley when the “overzealous” client tried to rape him, he told cops.

“I was scared for my life,” Cordero said in a taped confession.

Greenfield said Cordero knew exactly what he was hired for, but became enraged when Conley couldn’t cover his $150 fee for sex.

“He stabbed him 14 times,”
Greenfield told jurors Tuesday. “It was an awfully violent, unsatisfactory consumer transaction.”

Cordero, who advertised his services on, a gay hustler site that tells members to “pimp yourself out,” insisted throughout trial that he isn’t gay.

“If he can’t come to grips with who he is, how can you expect him to come to grips with what he’s done?” Greenfield said.

The nude cleaner has blamed his body for sending Conley into a tizzy.

“It’s because I have a nice ass,” that Conley attacked him, he told cops.

Cordero’s lawyer, Harvey Slovis, asked jurors not to judge Cordero based on his lifestyle.

“I don’t care if he had sex with horses,” Slovis said. “He’s innocent.”

The jury will begin deliberating Thursday. Cordero faces 25 years to life in prison if convicted.


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