NFL Betting Tips For Savvy Punters

Published on August 07, 2022, 5:56 pm
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With a market capitalization of over $11 billion and a total of 272 games played every season, the NFL is considered the biggest and most viewed sport in the United States. The sport’s growth has been directly linked to the competitive nature of the league and its amazing fans, who never stopped cheering for their favorite teams.

Taking advantage of fans’ love and the competitive nature of the sport, bookmakers are now setting odds on games to give fans a chance to win something as they enjoy the game. Ultimately, NFL odds are heavily influenced by the strength, injury reports, and the history of the two teams playing. 

As a smart punter looking to make some cash betting on the NFL, here are some tips you must keep in mind.

1. Do Not Bet With Your Heart, But Your Head

This is one piece of advice that should be ringing in the heads of every bettor when placing a bet on a game, especially in the NFL. It will be a bit weird as a bettor in the NFL not to have a favorite team. Having a team you support and love is a good thing, but you shouldn’t let your love influence how you place your bets.

Most gamblers today are unsuccessful because their love for their teams means they are oblivious to their flaws, leading them to make the wrong wagers and lose a lot of money. To avoid making such mistakes, stay away from teams you have a soft spot for. Only bet on them when their chances of winning are very high, which is rarely the case in the NFL.

2. Take Advantage Of Bonuses

To stand a greater chance of winning big as a bettor in the NFL, you must learn how to leverage bonuses and rewards. Most of the games in the NFL are high-risk; this is because all the teams in the league are evenly matched. The only way to lower those risks and enjoy some advantage over the bookies is to take advantage of all the bonuses on offer.

These bonuses and rewards are marketing strategies betting platforms use to secure new bettors and reward loyal ones. Before signing up to bet on a platform, you should learn about its bonus offers and wagering requirements.

Most platforms usually offer new players cashback after betting on their first NFL game, regardless of the game’s outcome. Others offer welcome bonuses, match deposits, and many other incentives. Do your research and go for the options that work for you.

3. Do Not Overreact

One thing you should have in mind is that the NFL has over 250 games to be played throughout a season. This is to say that there will be a lot of other opportunities for you to win regardless of the outcome of a game.

In the early weeks of the NFL season, you should not be panicked by the results, and table standings, as most teams are just getting into their groove. Punters who do not have much experience gambling in the NFL usually begin losing their heads within the early stages of the league, and this could spell doom.

Some may even begin placing future bets on how the season will end, judging from the first few games in the league. This is usually not the right strategy. The best thing to do is to be calm and not overreact if you want to win big. Study patterns and watch how things unravel.

4. Avoid Chasing Losses

Chasing losses is why most punters are deeply buried in debts. Knowing when to quit or call it a day is vital to your success as a bettor. Every bettor once in a while goes on a losing streak. You should not feel bad about it when it happens, as your case is not any different.

When a gambler chases his losses, he tends to let the emotions of being on a losing streak influence his betting decisions. With the NFL being an exciting and fun league, he begins to bet on different games without calculating, hoping he will recover all that has been lost with a single win.

Most gamblers who fall victim to this regrettable act go to the extent of borrowing money or securing a loan to finance their pursuit of redemption. To avoid being a victim of loss chasing, you must develop a concrete bankroll management strategy before funding your NFL betting wallet and strictly adhere to it.

5. Conduct Extensive Research

Do not put your money on any team you have not researched. With fast and easy internet access, building a team profile is so easy these days. With team news and injury updates being published on the web and mainstream media daily, the chance to analyze important data and use them to your advantage has never been easier for a punter.

American football is a physical sport, meaning players are prone to injuries even while training. Without proper research, a bettor risks betting on a team or player suffering from an injury setback.

Extensive research also gives you the edge over the bookmakers. Most bookmakers tend to be savvy with the odds regarding big games but a little negligent in less important games. With access to this information, the sky is your limit as you continue your NFL betting journey.


Betting on the NFL could be fun and rewarding, but this can only apply to you if you are prepared for the rigorous process. While it might be challenging, there are tips to help you get it right.

As you set out to place your wagers, ensure you research properly, create a good bankroll management strategy, and avoid chasing losses. These tips will help you in becoming a successful gambler.

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