New Yorkers Anticipate Today’s Total Solar Eclipse

Gonzalo Duran
Published on April 08, 2024, 12:49 pm
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Today’s total solar eclipse is a rare celestial event, with the moon passing between the sun and the earth.

For many, this phenomenon holds spiritual significance and scientific intrigue, while others view it simply as a fascinating novelty.

Here is what some New Yorkers had to say about today’s eclipse:

Veronica Gonzalez shared, “My anticipation for today’s eclipse is to hope for everyone’s safety and to protect yourself spiritually during that time.”

Larissa Castillo expressed, “I’ve heard that many changes come into effect along with an eclipse. I’m just expecting a vibrant, positive change.”

Zenobia Bonilla reflected, “I would like to think that this is a special time to connect with the Universe in a way that science and faith unite us all. Also, just something great to witness as well.”

James Washington Ward remarked, “Can’t we just enjoy nature for nature, and God’s work for his work? If you’re living right, whatever happens doesn’t matter. And just enjoy the eclipse.”

Elianni Tejada dismissed the hype, stating, “I am not anticipating the eclipse. It’s just like any other. Nothing special.”

Kevin Pazmino expressed excitement, saying, “It is very exciting to know that much of the world will be sharing a moment together as we view today’s celestial event. I pray that while humanity shares this moment, the collective consciousness of humanity can unite in peace and understanding.”

Erica Gratton, unfortunately tied up with work, lamented, “I would if I was able to watch it. Unfortunately, I’m at work this afternoon.”

Dalia Floyd Gonzalez, eager for the experience, shared, “I am looking forward to today’s eclipse. As a science buff and a spiritual person, to be in the path of totality is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I feel pretty lucky to be here for this phenomenal occasion.”

Jennifer Engine Kessler, however, opted out, stating, “I am avoiding it!”

Experts recommend using eye protection to watch the eclipse directly. The next solar eclipse in the United States will occur in 2044.

Gonzalo Duran
As a seasoned professional in both the military and civic realms, Gonzalo Duran brings a wealth of experience to his role as the Chief Executive Officer of Devil Dog USA Incorporated. A former United States Marine Sergeant, he not only leads a non-profit dedicated to supporting Veterans’ reintegration but also holds key positions in Bronx County’s political landscape, including Vice Chairman of the Bronx County Conservative Party and (C) District Leader for the 79th Assembly District. With over a decade as a CEO, Gonzalo is a multifaceted contributor to his community, excelling as an access producer, talk show host, columnist, chaplain, and advocate.