New Senior Care Business Opens In Bronx

Published on December 21, 2015, 10:22 am
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When Michael Adeleke worked in a nursing home, he saw first-hand the negative impact of seniors not having their own caregivers.

Even when he worked 15-hours-a-day and came in his off days, he still felt like he could not meet the needs of all his patients. That is why Adeleke is taking matters into his own hands and opening his own in-home care business – Home Helpers and Direct Link West Bronx.

Home Helpers is the nation’s leading franchise specializing in comprehensive home care for seniors, new mothers and individuals needing recuperative and continuing assistance. Direct Link is its proprietary line of 24/7 medical alert systems, including a fall sensor and an automated medication dispenser. Home Helpers and Direct Link of West Bronx serves Bronx and New York.

Adeleke was born in Nigeria where he studied computer science. After he moved to the United States in the early 2000s, he trained to be a CNA and then a nurse. He spent his career working as a hospital and then in a nursing home where – whether or not he was on the clock – he was caring for the elderly and helping them live better lives. But as the years wore on, he realized that when more than a dozen people are depending on one nurse, the care can never be as good as the residents deserve.

“The nurses at a nursing home are doing their best and, in many cases, providing great care. But when you have a dozen people who need you, you can only do so much. If you are a resident and you need help getting to the bathroom but your nurse isn’t available right at that moment, you might not make it to the bathroom in time. Something that simple can really bring down your self-esteem and make you grouchy. When that situation spirals, people just deteriorate. With in-home care and your own dedicated caregiver, you can get the care you need when you need it, which will help you feel better and live a happier life. That’s what I want to do with Home Helpers – help people live better lives,” Adeleke said.

With Home Helpers, each individual client receives services tailored to meet their specific needs by caregivers who become an extension of their family. Home Helpers’ full-range of home care services empower clients to live healthier and more rewarding lives in the privacy, safety, and comfort of their own homes.

Home Helpers and Direct Link offers free in-home consultations and works with each client to create a flexible, affordable care plan based on a person’s individual needs. Services offered include personal care such as grooming, bathing, ambulation, medication management and care management as well as respite care, meal preparation, laundry, light housekeeping, companionship and transportation.

“There are so many seniors living in nursing homes or assisted living facilities who don’t really need to be there. By working with an in-home care service like Home Helpers – whether you need help for a few hours a day or 24 hours a day – people can age more respectfully at home,” Adeleke said.

“When you’re getting the care you need, you feel better, you’re in better spirits and you can spend better quality time with your loved ones doing the things you love to do. It all comes down to quality of life,” he added.

For more information about how Home Helpers and Direct Link can serve you and your family, please call 3478666786, e-mail or visit here.


About Home Helpers:

Founded in 1997, Cincinnati-based Home Helpers is one of the nation’s leading home care franchises. With an ongoing commitment to helping people live healthier, more independent lives in the comfort of their own homes, Home Helpers works with seniors, new and expectant mothers, those recovering from illness or injury, and individuals facing lifelong challenges. Home Helpers is affiliated with Direct Link, a national provider of 24/7 emergency response systems and vital signs monitoring units. For more information about the company or about how you can open your own Home Helpers franchise, visit here.


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