Misconceptions And Myths About Online Gambling

Published on December 01, 2022, 2:21 pm
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Well known to all of us, online gambling is extremely popular in many countries around the world. However, it is quite limited in some countries. The ignorance of many players leads to the emergence of a number of online gambling myths. To avoid any misunderstandings, we advise you to thoroughly inform yourself about everything related to online betting and continue reading below. Once done, feel free to enjoy an online casino, which is not only very attractive because of its range of games, but also because of its generous VulkanBet 25 Euro bonus.

Myth: Gambling is not an addiction

Undoubtedly, for some, gambling is an activity that holds their interest from the beginning to the very end of their daily online gambling adventure. This is because all casino games are created the same way. Their main mission is to make you play more and more. The slots everywhere are developed according to a similar system that stimulates the player at the right moment.

This moment can be both at the beginning of the game and after dozens of spins of the reels. The goal here is for the player to believe that the next move will be the “lucky move”. And as you can guess, many casino enthusiasts don’t stop after just one spin. That’s why it is important to always play smart and safe. Set yourself a weekly betting limit to make sure you do not go over your limit.

Myth: Minors are not allowed to gamble

You probably already know that online gambling is prohibited for minors. If you are a minor and try to register at an online casino, your access to it will automatically be denied.

Still, even though they cannot get their hands on the virtual bets, some teens try gambling in a different form. This, of course, could lead to further often negative consequences. Any young person who starts having fun with such activities is more inclined to gamble in real casinos after coming of age.

With that in mind, if you are a parent of a teenager, it is a good idea to have a conversation about gambling with them. Warn your child about all the possible dangers and risks involved in betting in land-based or online casinos. In this way, you will help him avoid the trap of gambling addiction.

Myth: If you feel lucky, you will win

This is probably one of the craziest online gambling myths and this one. It is he who can easily unlock addiction in many people.

Unfortunately, gambling does not work that way. In casino games, everything is based on RNG, a random number generator. For this reason, there is still no discovered formula or strategy that will help you win when you feel lucky. That is exactly why you need to know when to say “Stop!” and exit the virtual arcade.

Myth: Online betting is a way to bring in basic income

Many people live with the wrong idea that gambling can hardly become their profession. No, no and not again. In recent years, gambling activities are more likely to leave you broke than to bring you huge profits like in the movies. Those who believe that online gambling will increase their account balance are quite often the same people who fall into the trap of gambling addiction.

The people who can actually earn major income from physical and online betting are professional players or those who work in casino halls. So never overestimate your luck.

Myth: You can beat the system

As good as it sounds, the bettor cannot beat the system. Even if you find a tactic that works every time, you will most likely still lose staggering amounts of money trying to prove that you can win.

There are certain games, however, where knowing the rules can somewhat increase your chance of winning. Among them are poker and blackjack, for example. But even with them, everything again depends on the luck of the player. As we have already said, the most important thing in gambling is to know when to stop and not to believe such online gambling myths.

Myth: I can get back the money I lost with more bets

The worst possible decision you can make is to try to recover your lost amount by betting even more on casino games. “Trust your luck.”, unfortunately does not work on online gambling platforms.

Playing blindly and betting maximum amounts in anticipation of the jackpot is an extremely bad strategy. It is much better to limit your playing time. That way, your brain will have time to rest, and it will be much easier for you to end today’s session.

It is also advisable to set a limit on the amounts you bet. That way you will not spend more than planned.


If you dig into gambling related information, you will no doubt come across additional information on at least one of the aforementioned online gambling myths. We hope that through our article we have provided you with valuable details that will come in handy in the future. And maybe they will even help you escape the trap of gambling addiction.

As a final note, we would advise you to always carefully read the rules of each game and the terms of each bonus in the different online casinos. And remember that recklessly betting huge sums is the worst thing you can do. Instead, try to build a safe strategy that will help you bet safely and wisely.

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