Lucian Sperta’s Poetry Books Climb Amazon’s Hot Releases List

Published on January 12, 2012, 7:27 am
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Two of the author’s books made Amazon’s best-selling new and feature releases in poetry list. Their titles are El – אל and Yesterday’s Rain.

El, Lucian Sperta

Yesterday's Rain, Lucian Sperta

Azar'El, Lucian Sperta

I of the Storm, Lucian Sperta

El – אל

El-אל has climbed from No. 49 to No. 37 then No. 17, on Amazon’s hot new releases in poetry on 01/11/2012.

Although some may object to this controversial cover, EL-אל in Hebrew, meaning “the strong one”, it appears that the author continues to express his love for God during his creative and spiritual expression. El-אל is homage to God, his creation, and the reliance of the author on his faith in his journey through life. Lucian’s only desire is to express his inner desire to put HaShem – יהוה and his faith before everything and give praise for Gods’ love in all things. El-אל is also an expression of the writer himself, as a survivor of childhood abuse, a brain tumor in 2005, Lucian appears compelled to say on his cover, he is also strong, but not without his faith in El-אל .

Riveting, introspective, verbally daring. This work, as in previous publications, can be categorized in the genre of Confessional Poetry. A category best known by the late Sylvia Plath (October 27, 1932 – February 11, 1963) who was reported as being the poet who advanced this genre in her published works. Other notable poets in this genre included Anne Sexton and the late Allen Ginsberg. These poems work along the lines of baring even ones flesh as the writer states in his poem Mam Tu Veda Na Kascana (But Me no one knows), “While I sit here wrapped in this flesh, I call to your attention my nakedness- standing tall, I take off my shawl and before you I stand, I stand to you all.”

Here he appears to be asking us, albeit, voyeuristically, to the reader, not just to read his words, but to see him as he is. There is maturity in his new release, as a soul in pain appears to be struggling to find ways to transmit this inner chaotic reality into written form. There are other topics included, separation from old friends, the death of his father, and a poem entitled For the World, confronting the on going natural disasters affecting parts of the world. Included is a startling poem entitled The Mourning After, as he deals with the on going issue of the molestation by a pedophile during his youth. El-אל will be a deeper read and will invoke ones journey through loss, pain and the search for healing- El-אל is the book that appears to be on that conquest for identity, self-recognition, and inner peace, as he continues to share with us his journey towards resolution.


Yesterday’s Rain

This time the author continues to release more work on his journey towards healing and recovery. In this volume, there appears to be a shift into political and global events as he works on his angst in the raping of woman in other countries for political vengeance as he writes; “It’s a treacherous thing to fuck in sin to rupture a woman from within,” in addition he agonizes “To procreate out of hate.” He muses on the issues of religion and its morals and ethics during acts of war. The ultimate victims are women and children and those born out of religious and political hatred, a form of genocide being forced upon woman. Yesterday’s Rain also reflects on the internal on going struggle to ‘renew’ the self from within. “Can I be All?” he asks, as he reflects on the lives of others, who are subjected to the brutalities of war. He also shares his spiritual journey and how this has shaped and formed his life. Yesterday’s Rain continues to show this Authors ability to share with sincerity and openly with himself and what he perceives to be the ‘terrible world’ around him. His fourth book of (pending release entitled El-אל) poems may be just as open and rigorously ruthlessly reflective.

From the author

“I have decided to release my work in the last few weeks which was a difficult decision for me to do. In the mid 1990’s I had published my work in different magazines, anthologies, and College News papers. Even small time local press came knocking on my door for an occasional interview. I was excited at the time while sharing my voice and my experiences with the world about being a victim and survivor of male to male rape as a child by a group of men; the physical abuse and sexual exploitation at home, and the struggle with a pedophile who kept me trapped for years in a sick dance of manipulation. I pulled away from writing, but secretly on occasion, kept a journal of poems I would write when I needed to feel my feelings. It has been 15 years since I have published anything about this topic, I wanted to completely end it, ‘freeze it out of me.’ Well after a long time, the voice in me kept screaming for release. And after so many years working with survivors of abuse, I was forced to no longer remain silent. I have come to accept and realize I could no longer ‘cover it up’ and ‘make it pretty’ and I could no longer pretend the pain is not continuous. This issue has impacted every facet of my life, even if I could not accept it at the time. It is clear, as with other survivors, the impact is deep, painful, and the struggle for sanity and inner healing is on going, the one I have been on most of my life. This time I wanted to share recovery is real, and the work is on going and rough. It is not an easy journey. The impact scars the very soul, working on spirituality is very crucial, at least this has been  my experience for me. I decided to join Amazon in this new venture, to share, explore, allow my inner voice to speak knowing a deeper healing of the ‘self’ is possible. I hope (as I did 15 years ago in my prior work) it can lead others to find healing for themselves. It is time to wake up and heal, I hope I can contribute in some small way. For free samples, please join me on Face Book.”

The following books by Lucian’ are available for purchase in Kindle Edition online below:

El – אל
I of the Storm

Yesterday’s Rain

The author would like to express his love for his mother Sandra Mercado and thank her for believing in him and his work.

Lucian Sperta can be followed on Twitter here: @Azarel63.


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