Juicer Benefits & Selection Tips

Published on April 20, 2020, 10:45 am
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It is quite common to juice these days. Juicing just means drinking fruit juice. However, there are people who drink juice casually and others who use it for detoxing their bodies or losing weight. Whatever your reason for drinking juice is, you can make your own juice at home when you buy a juicer.

Understanding Fiber Intake Versus Nutrient Consumption

To understand why you might want to make your own juice with a juicer, you need to know the properties of juice. Most fruit and vegetable juice is extremely high in nutrients. Whole fruits and vegetables also often contain a lot of fiber. Fiber is good for digestion regulation and also produces the sated feeling that makes you want to stop eating at the end of a meal.

To consume the fiber in fruits and vegetables you need to blend them instead of juicing them. However, there are reasons why you may prefer not to consume so much fiber at a particular time. For example, consuming juices that have the fiber extracted does not fill you up as quickly. That allows you to drink more juice and get more of the nutritional value you need.

What You Can Juice with a Juicer

Technically, you can juice anything you want with the right juicer. When you purchase one, it should be one that can make the amount of juice you want as easily as possible, so it needs to have a certain power level. But do keep in mind the power of the juicer does not always influence how much juice you extract.

Some fruits and vegetables produce almost no juice at all. Therefore, juicing them is a waste of time and money. Fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of natural juices and can be easily squeezed are the best to juice. For example, although you can turn carrots into carrot juice, it takes a lot of carrots to do the job. Oranges are much juicier, making it easier to get a glass of juice quickly with little effort.

Using a Juicer to Create What You Want or Need

If you frequently go to the store and cannot find the juice flavor combination you want, do not work. A juicer lets you make any flavor combination you desire. Simply juice different fruits and vegetables and combine the juices.

By adjusting the fruits and vegetables you juice, you can also avoid certain issues or reap certain benefits. For example, juicing low-sugar produce is ideal when you are diabetic. Juicing non-acidic fruits and vegetables, on the other hand, might be better if you struggle with mouth sores or acid reflux issues. Similarly, you can avoid additives, preservatives, and food allergies by creating juices that only contain the ingredients you select yourself.

Growing Your Own Produce to Juice

Growing your own produce is the best way to juice regularly because you will otherwise have to buy a lot of produce to keep your juicing habit going. When you grow your own produce, you also control it. You do not have to worry about pesticide use, additives, or preservatives that may be found in store bought fruit juice bottles.

How to Pick a Juicer You Will Love

To pick a juicer you will love, focus on its construction and features. Make sure it looks sturdy and strong. Also, see how much juice it holds. A larger juicer allows you to create your favorite juices in convenient batches. Clear settings, additional features and general intuitiveness of use are also helpful. A juicer that is easy to clean without total disassembly is also ideal because it will save you time.

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