Invitation Extended: The Bronx Welcomes Donald Trump With Open Arms

Gonzalo Duran
Published on March 06, 2024, 5:21 pm
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Over the past two months, we have actively engaged with Bronxites from all corners of the county, seeking their perspectives on who they want as their President. In a resounding response, the name Donald Trump has emerged prominently.

To be fully transparent, while there were vocal Democrats who expressed opposition to Trump, none were willing to publicly defend or articulate why they supported President Joe Biden, despite numerous requests.

I must admit, Mr. Trump, I find myself astonished to be extending this invitation. Prior to 2017, I never believed you stood a chance. However, witnessing the overwhelming impact you have had on so many and soliciting the people’s opinions has reshaped my perspective.

Here are the voices of some Bronxites and their sentiments:

Patrick McManus, “The return of President Trump will be beneficial for America’s global standing, domestic economy, and its role as the world’s foremost democracy.”

Denise Smith, “Mr. Trump’s belief in God and his adherence to Bible-based values resonate with me.”

Gary Lutz, “Trump’s approach to foreign policy and various domestic issues stands out as superior.”

Kevin Pazmino, “I will vote for former President Donald J. Trump based on his track record. He’s the only President in my lifetime who refrained from initiating new conflicts.”

Tyreek Goodman, “Trump’s authenticity and fearlessness set him apart from traditional politicians. His honesty and straightforwardness embody true democracy.”

Zenobia Bonilla, “As a wartime president, Trump has displayed remarkable diplomatic skills, preserving peace and fostering respect, even with formidable adversaries like Kim Jong Un.”

Darney Rivers, “President Trump’s commitment to prioritizing America’s interests deeply resonates with me. He consistently advocates for fair trade, robust national security, and safeguarding American jobs.”

Bryan Wigfall, “I support Trump because he promises to restore law and order.”

John Provetto, “During Trump’s four years, we saw the lowest unemployment, record low inflation, energy independence, gas prices below $1.99 a gallon, no wars during his presidency, more jobs for Blacks and Hispanics, rebuild our military, and getting the border under control.”

James Washington Ward, “During the pandemic, I believe he handled himself well, and I would love to see what he could do for a second term.”

Elianni Tejada, “Despite his controversies, he remains authentically himself and demonstrates a love for the country, striving to enhance opportunities for its citizens.”

In recent months, I have penned many correspondences in favor of you, Mr. Trump. However, while I may not cast my vote for you, it’s not due to doubts about your capability or potential to effect change in our country. My belief in voting for any candidate is grounded in personal interaction – shaking someone’s hand, engaging in dialogue, and collaborative efforts in the community.

I hope this article reaches your desk, Mr. Trump. I eagerly anticipate meeting you, along with many other Bronxites who look forward to your potential return as President of the United States of America.

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Gonzalo Duran
As a seasoned professional in both the military and civic realms, Gonzalo Duran brings a wealth of experience to his role as the Chief Executive Officer of Devil Dog USA Incorporated. A former United States Marine Sergeant, he not only leads a non-profit dedicated to supporting Veterans’ reintegration but also holds key positions in Bronx County’s political landscape, including Vice Chairman of the Bronx County Conservative Party and (C) District Leader for the 79th Assembly District. With over a decade as a CEO, Gonzalo is a multifaceted contributor to his community, excelling as an access producer, talk show host, columnist, chaplain, and advocate.