Injured At The Statue Of Liberty: Now What?

Published on May 24, 2021, 4:45 am
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The Statue of Liberty is an amazing place to visit, and this is confirmed by the sheer number of people who visit it each day. While there may be rules and regulations in place to keep visitors safe, there will still be people who may get hurt there and not know what to do next.

Steps have always been taken to limit injuries, and some go back a long time. Visitors cannot access the arm due to damage caused during the First World War and to avoid overcrowding. Tickets are sold for certain exhibits, and this ensures that there will not be a crush. But these measures alone cannot prevent all accidents.

Arranging a Visit

Ideally, all aspects of the trip are arranged beforehand as this will give you maximum time to enjoy the day. This may include:

  • buying all tickets in advance;
  • wearing suitable clothes – there are lots of stairs to climb;
  • using sunscreen as you could be there in the sun for up to 6 hours;
  • making sure you have enough food and water.

What Could Go Wrong?

In some cases, mishaps could be your fault. If you get sunburned or dehydrated, then you should have taken more care when setting out for the day. The main concern that you will have less control over will be a fall.

With so many steps, it is clear that you could lose your footing. You may not realize how tiring the climb can be, and towards the end, it will become more difficult for the physically unfit. In a fall, there can be a variety of injuries:

  1. Broken bones – This can range from broken legs to broken hand and finger bones when you try to limit the fall.
  2. Head injuries – These may happen if you hit the floor or bang your head against the railings.
  3. Brain injuries – Again caused by a bang, but more serious than cuts and bruises.
  4. Damage to ligaments or tendons – These injuries could seriously impair mobility and could last for some time.
  5. Stress – Needless stress can last even after physical injuries have been properly dealt with.

Getting Help at the Scene

At first, always get emergency care, as you will not know the severity of the injuries just by looking at them. Then turn to the people around you at the time. They will be able to vouch for the way the accident occurred, and this will determine the amount of compensation you could be paid.

High-res photographs could help, but you have to be honest. If there were safety signs and warnings at the place of the accident, the other party would show them even if you take them out of pictures.

Next, document the details of your treatment and keep all receipts and medical bills that you have paid. Loss of earnings needs to be calculated as well, along with all out-of-pocket expenses, such as cab fares rather than driving or public transport, cancellation costs for events you cannot attend, etc. Your lawyer will have to have a comprehensive list of these expenses.

Getting Legal Help

Once you have the evidence you need, it is time to find a New York personal injury lawyer. You may feel that you have the information to deal with this yourself, but it is much harder to place the blame on a crowd when suing an entity. A lawyer will be able to advise you of the types of damages to claim and also know which local and state laws are going to come into play.

Any claim they put forward will be much more professional than the one you could do yourself, and this boosts the chances for your claim to be accepted in its entirety. If the case goes to court, you will need an attorney to speak on your behalf, and again this is where the lawyer you hired will come in. The idea of litigation might sound daunting, and you will want to have someone strong in your corner.


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