IGT Cashless Solution Is Introduced In Casino Resorts In New York State

Published on October 22, 2020, 1:49 pm
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With the pandemic still in full swing, land-based casinos are doing everything they can to maximize customer convenience and safety. Cashless solution recently introduced in New York land-based casinos by International Game Technology (IGT) is another precaution that helps operators protect customers. Now, you can pay with your phone (which we all know should be sanitized daily, right?).

Is It Safe to Visit Land-Based Casinos Now

Spending time in public places indoors is a risk nowadays, despite the precautions. If you are uncomfortable doing so, online casinos are still an option; nothing is safer than playing games of chance in the comfort of one’s own home. You can gamble online in casinos welcoming players from the U.S. However, if you are not the “better safe than sorry” type, use the opportunity to visit a land-based casino. Casinos are taking the necessary steps to prevent the spread of CoViD-19 without shutting down again. These include protective screens between players and dealers, temperature screenings, the six-feet distance between slot machines, obligatory mask regime inside, and more. IGT cashless solution is another way of protecting customers because it minimizes social contact.

What Is IGT?

IGT cashless solution turns your smartphone into a digital wallet. It is a fairly common technology across Europe, but in the U.S., it is still a relative novelty. IGT users do not need to carry either cash or credit cards when they are going to a casino. The only thing they need is a smartphone equipped with IGT. There is no more waiting in lines to refill a physical Player’s Club loyalty card necessary for slots. Machines are now equipped with an IGT’s Cardless Connect module. Players need to tap their smartphone to it, and the money transfer is done. It is as fast and convenient as it is tech-savvy.

IGT is incredibly relevant now and offers an easy solution to the potentially dangerous human interactions inevitable when traditional payment systems are used. According to Ryan Reddy, IGT Vice President, “[Cashless and contactless solutions] are now vital to helping our casino customers meet and exceed their commitment to player and employee safety.

Which New York Casinos Have Already Introduced IGT?

Probably, most New York casinos will make IGT available sooner rather than later. Perhaps, it will even become another requirement that land-based casinos will have to meet to remain open during the pandemic. For now, you can try the new technology at Resorts World Catskills Casino and Resort in Monticello. You will still need to have a physical Resorts World Catskills Players Club the first time, but only to load funds into a digital wallet on your phone. You will not even need to interact with a cashier; this can be easily done using one of the slot machines.

Are Customers Satisfied with IGT Cashless Solution?

Yes, they are, and overwhelmingly so. First, players who use IGT appreciate casinos’ efforts to ensure their safety by minimizing cash handling. After all, the best step one can take to stay safe in the times of the pandemic is to limit social contact. IGT cashless solution is an excellent way to do so.

Besides, paying using IGT is fast and efficient. While slots are the most vivid illustration of the benefits of IGT’s technology, it can actually be used for almost every activity available to casino visitors, including table games, sports betting, and even buying food and beverages. Since the transfer happens immediately, IGT decreases the time gamblers waste paying, which means that you can spend more time playing and less figuring out the logistics.

Finally, if you are worried about the safety of your money, don’t be. IGT ensures that payments with a smartphone are as well-protected as any wires are. Seeing as we are constantly on our phones anyway these days, we might as well put our wallets in them.

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