How Will Playing Video Games Help You In Performing Better In Sports?

Published on February 28, 2022, 8:03 am
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In our mainstream culture, the popularity of video games is increasing day by day and is now one of the most popular forms of entertainment. Since video games are restricted to the genre of entertainment, it is seen with certain stereotypes. People see it in a negative light and consider it as the game for loafers. People tend to generalize that the teenagers, who play video games as loners, who does not like any social interaction or other sorts of physical activities.

The first image that comes to our mind while thinking of video games is a picture of a teenager in the dark, glued to the screen for hours. This image has made people consider video games as a bad influence that will ruin one’s mental health and intelligence. But, in the past decade, video games are proving that this statement is false. It is proving that it is not just a waste of time and has now become a widely accepted and highly productive social hobby.

Sports is one such field that has immensely benefited from video games. Other than the usual benefit of increasing the popularity of sports, promoting certain players and games, and providing sponsorship, sports-based video games like Nintendo’s Wii Fit have proved that they help the athletes to improve both their mental as well as physical skills.

Recently, many professional athletes have appreciated the numerous benefits of video games which, in turn, triggered the popularity of video games, especially the ones with sport-themes. This skyrocketing popularity of video games has also resulted in the development of many online slots. Online slots like High RTP Gacor Slots have several sports-themed slots which can be beneficial for athletes.

So, let us look at how the video game is benefitting sports and is provoking the mainstream audience to rethink their assumption of video games and gamers.

  1. Playing video games helps in improving coordination.
    The relationship between hands and eyes is crucial in every action in our life. The coordination between hands and eyes is necessary while playing, driving, or doing other activities in which we use our hands. While playing action video games like Call of duty or Assassin Creed, our sensorimotor become sharp and improves the coordination between hand and eyes. Because of this factor, some doctors suggest playing video games as a way to treat people who have difficulty in coordination. Even surgeons, who need excellent sensorimotor skills to do operations and tasks in limited space, are using video games to improve their skills.
    Since video games improve sensorimotor skills, many coaches and surgeons are suggesting video games to improve the precision movements of the players. In games like tennis, badminton, and squash, coordination between hands and eyes is one of the factors that decide their chances of winning the game. So, for such games, players can use video games to improve their coordination and skills.
  2. Video games can increase the decision-making skills of athletes
    One of the other benefits of using video games is that they help to improve the decision-making skills of an individual while confronting unexpected situations. Studies show that interactive training, alongside video games, will improve an individual’s decision-making skills. They will be able to deduce the situation at hand logically and will be able to make unbiased judgments.
    While playing games like Batman Arkham knight or Assassin Creed, the players have to make decisions quickly. The winning chance of the player will be decided based on these judgments and their choices. Here the players are pushed to confront a situation where they have to make wise decisions in split seconds. By playing video games regularly, an individual can improve their cognitive skills. The players will be able to improve their concentration, decision-making skills, and attention span. They will also be able to grasp any situation and information easily and respond to it quickly.
    For an athlete one of the basic qualities required is to grasp the situation quickly and make moves accordingly. Video games will improve their decision-making skills and other cognitive skills, thus enabling the athlete to deal with situations professionally. Thus, playing video games will enable the players to handle the real-life situation better and respond to them appropriately.
  1. Video games can improve the players socializing skills
    Long gone are the days when video games were the companion of loners and people who do not like to mingle with others. With the wide range of multiplayer video games, the video-gaming platform has become one of the most interactive platforms. With these multiplayer games, the players can interact and connect with other players from across the globe. Even though you are not talking to them in person, you can interact with them and get to know a wide range of people.
    In Multiplayer survival video games like Dead by Daylight or Destiny 2, the players need to work together as a team and coordinate amongst themselves to survive the game. As we know, sports like football or basketball are not a game for a one-man show. To win these games, the players need to be ready to compromise and come up with a plan together. By playing such multiplayer video games, the players will be able to increase their teammate bond and work together.
  2. Video games as a way to familiarize with the style of play
    One of the biggest advantages of video games is their real effect. Sports-themed video games like FIFA 21 or championship manager 01/02 have brought so much realism into the domain of video games that the movements and actions of the players in the game are very similar to the ones in the field. Thus, playing video can be considered as side training for the athletes to familiarize themselves with the sports. Also, it is a good way for a player recovering from injuries to horn their skills and stay sharp.

Thus, in numerous way video games helps athletes to sharpen their skills and enhance their playing style.

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