Gerson Borrero: I Hate This Country But I Love Its Money

Published on November 15, 2013, 6:17 am
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You should know that there is an old saying: Actions speak louder than words.

Gerson Borrero

Senator Rev. Rubén Díaz

You should also know that many Hispanics and others came to the United States from extreme poverty in their homeland, where our lives were so desperate to the point that many of us were practically begging just in order to survive. (For the record, you should know that to most Puerto Ricans, the term “my country” refers to Puerto Rico.)

In this country, even though we have found that everything might not always be fine and dandy, time has proven that living in the USA has been a blessing from God. Many of us who have come from other countries have found ways to support our families and raise our children in the USA. We can appreciate that the US dollar is a wonderful thing that God has made.

The reason many of us Hispanics and others came to this country and abandoned our own countries, unlike the men and women who stayed behind to either fight against the conditions they were facing – or to be crushed by those oppressions – was to embrace the opportunities that the United States and the US dollar has to offer.

Anyone who loves what the USA has given them, anyone who loves and has participated in the opportunities that this country has offered them, anyone that has taken advantage of the public education system that this country has offered in order to educate their children, anyone that has benefitted from the health and public services that this country has given them, and anyone that after receiving all of these benefits in this country and then says that they hate this country, is either a fool or a total hypocrite.

You should know that during the November 13, 2013 Political Rundown that was broadcast on NY1, Mr. Gerson  Borrero, who certainly loves the US dollar and what it has done for his life, expressed his hatred for the United States of America by proudly announcing: “I’ll give back my citizenship.”

You should know that Mr. Gerson Borrero came to this country as a Puerto Rican, and he never went back to Puerto Rico to live. His wife works for and draws a salary from the US government. His children have been educated in the USA, and he and his family live a very comfortable lifestyle. He has taken advantage of many of the opportunities that America has to offer.

My dear reader, I was appalled to watch Mr. Gerson Borrero renounce his US Citizenship and express his hatred of this country on television. I cannot understand how can it be that if Mr. Gerson Borrero hates the United States of America so much, why would he stay here? Why not get on a plane or on a boat and just leave?

When you hate something, you do everything possible to get away from it and abandon it. Feelings of hatred are harmful to anyone’s mental and physical health. Feelings of hatred cloud judgment and are harmful and dangerous in family life and in work settings. Feelings of hate would make you leave a miserable life and feelings of hate make those close to you and the ones that are around you miserable.

Many of us who left Puerto Rico hated the poverty and illness and the living conditions that crushed our lives and our families, and we left. The fact that many of us stay here to live on the Mainland of the United States of America can only mean that this place is better than the one we abandoned.

Who is this person who hates our country and still has his wife drawing a salary from our government? Who is this hateful person who can sit down and eat his American-grown potatoes and drink his farm-fresh milk in his coffee and hates America?  Who is this person who hates America so much and is still making money out of something that he hates? Maybe Mr. Borrero should go back to Puerto Rico or would like to move to Cuba, Bolivia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, or Chile, and then from there he could write to us through his column in El Diario La Prensa about how happy he is living in one of those countries and not in America.  Maybe over there he will find peace, consolation and the happiness that he cannot find in America. 

Like Mr. Gerson Borrero, who receives US dollars – big bucks! – to write for El Diario la Prensa, there are many, many others who live in this country, that benefit from the US dollar, and are always putting this country down, and speak evil of this country – but never abandon this country, and never leave it.

You should know that Mr. Gerson Borrero has publicly called me Lucifer because of my Judeo-Christian beliefs. He has publicly called me Lucifer because I oppose gay marriage and abortion. He has publicly called me Lucifer because I love this country.

Ladies and gentlemen, actions speak louder than words. If Mr. Gerson Borrero hates this country so much, shouldn’t he abandon it instead of being a hypocrite and staying here? Why doesn’t Mr. Gerson Borrero put an end to all of his sanctimonious nonsense and angry life and find happiness someplace better to live? Doesn’t Mr. Gerson Borrero realize that no one will take him seriously if he remains living in the USA?

I left Puerto Rico because I was living with my family in extreme poverty. I was blessed to come here to New York. This country is not perfect – it is a work in progress – but it is the best country in the world. I love this country, I love what it has done for me and for many immigrants that have come here. I love this country for what it has yet to offer and will offer to many others who will come here looking for a better place to live. May God bless America.

And now ladies and gentleman, you know who the real Lucifer is.

This is Senator Rev. Rubén Díaz and this is what you should know.


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