Five Indices On A Tortured Body: The Quarantined Body

Published on August 18, 2021, 2:51 pm
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The event will take place on Wednesday, August 18, 2021, starting at 06:00 p.m.

Performer: Zachary Tye Richardson
Writer: Noah Wertheimer
Photographer: Savion Spellman

The second portion of Wardell Milan: Amerika. God Bless You If It’s Good To You (on view through October 24) is housed in a site-specific chapel exploring the idea of a “Safe Space” for communities that have been historically marginalized. This space sets the stage for collaborative, newly choreographed performances by Zachary Tye Richardson titled, The Five Indices On A Tortured Body.

The August 18, 2021 performance features Five Indices On A Tortured Body: The Quarantined Body. Within each performance Richardson creates movements expressing persistence and resilience, while Billy Ray Morgan sculptures are integral to the choreographed movements and expand upon ideas of mourning, identity, and love. Together, Richardson, Morgan and the performers adapt from themes within the complexities of their individual experiences, and through shared ideas of healing from traumatic, lived experiences.

“Body to body, side to side or face to face, aligned or opposed, most often just mixed, tangential, and having little to do with each other. But that is how bodies, which properly exchange nothing, send one another quantities of signals, notices, winks, or signaletic gestures. A bearing, debonair or lofty, a tensing up, an appeal, a depression, a gravity, a flair. And whatever belongs to the categories of works like youth or old age, work or boredom, force or awkwardness… Bodies cross paths, rub up against each other, press each other. Take buses, cross streets, enter supermarkets, step into cars, wait their turn in line, sit down in movie theaters after passing in front of ten other bodies.” said Wardell Milan.

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