Everything You Should Know About Mediclaim Policy For Parents

Published on September 16, 2021, 6:50 am
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Our parents’ health is something we worry about regularly, and it is one of the most crucial things to secure today. Thankfully, having a proper plan like a health insurance policy for your parents can help you tackle any medical problems and the financial burden it may bring to you or your parents.

Health insurance plans like mediclaim policy for parents can help you secure a reliable plan for your parents’ medical future and help you live a stress-free life without thinking of the financial burden that may arise in the future. A mediclaim policy for parents has many features and benefits that your parents can avail. But first, let us understand what a mediclaim policy for parents is.

What Is Mediclaim Policy for Parents?

A mediclaim policy for parents is a type of health insurance which you can buy for your parents to secure their future healthcare needs. These plans offer extensive coverage like hospitalization charges, pre & post-hospitalization expenses, ambulance fees, and much more.

Some of the things to consider and must-have features of the best mediclaim policy for parents are listed below.

Top Things to Consider While Buying Mediclaim for Parents

1. Age Criteria

When considering mediclaim policy for parents, the entry age criteria is one of the most crucial steps of selecting the right plan. Most mediclaim policy for parents has no maximum age limit for entry. However, the minimum age criteria to avail senior citizen health insurance claims is 61 years.

2. Coverage Type

It is crucial to understand the type of coverage provided to you when buying a mediclaim policy for parents, and there are two types of insurance policies you can go for. The first is a floater coverage type where both your parents can be a part of the same plan and the other coverage type is individual coverage.

3. Sum Amount of Plan

When selecting a mediclaim policy for parents, you should always ensure that your parents are getting sufficient coverage – and the total sum of the mediclaim policy for parents is high enough and adequate for the future.

4. Additional Benefits

You should understand the additional benefits you can claim in a Mediclaim policy for parents. This can include special treatments over the duration of the plan, pre and post hospitalization charges, ambulance services, etc.

5. Co-Payment Clause

When investing in a mediclaim policy for parents, you should understand the co-payment clause well. In this clause, the insurer sets aside a few expenses that the policyholder can take care of in the case of a medical emergency. This divides the amount and, in turn, makes the premium amount lesser.

6. Unlimited Renewals

A mediclaim policy for parents has the unlimited renewal feature for a lifetime. You should always make sure this feature is available to you in the plan you choose, as this can help your parents get lifelong coverage without any stress of the plan ending and them facing medical uncertainty.

7. Cashless Feature

When you opt for a mediclaim policy for parents, there are a number of network hospitals that are partnered with the insurance company. When getting treated in these hospitals, you can choose the option of getting cashless treatment where the insurer and the hospital settle the bill directly once you provide your insurance details to them. This makes your treatment process convenient and hassle-free.

Cancer, high blood pressure, and diabetes are among the top 5 conditions that have led to skyrocketing medical costs, and these mostly affect the elderly. So, not only are senior citizens more prone to health issues, even the costs are much higher. Therefore, purchasing a mediclaim policy for parents is imperative today.

There are many things to keep in mind and consider when it comes to buying a mediclaim policy for parents. Moreover, it is important to understand all the details before investing in one so that you can live a comfortable life without stressing about the future. Insurers like Care Insurance offer customizable Mediclaim policies for parents which can perfectly take care of their healthcare needs in the coming years.

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