Dr. Scott Noren For US Senate

Published on April 18, 2011, 1:25 pm
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I have started  vigorously campaigning for U.S. Senate 2012, NY and trying to put forth his platform. Many people do not realize that Kirsten Gillibrand was appointed and then won only a 2 year seat.

The full 6 year seat is coming up in 2012. Instead of being on the side of the majority of voters and taxpayers, Gillibrand’s votes egregiously support big banks ( she is #1 in the US Senate for Commercial Bank Lobby money, see here), Wall Street, health insurance, and pharmaceutical companies and she voted for the Bush Tax Cuts in full.

I requested a table at the NY Democratic Rural caucus at the end of April but was told by the DRC Chairperson, Irene Stein that candidates could not get tables, only State office holders. She however now made an exception for someone saying, “Tabling is limited to one for the Dem. Candidate for Congress in the Special Election on May 26 as this is a special project for the DRC, and to sponsors. Sponsors have contributed a minimum of $500 to the costs of the Conference”.

When will the Democratic Party truly be Democratic? Will anyone who can relate to and will represent the majority of people ever get a voice? This is politics as usual. And they are the “Democratic” Party, although it happens just as well in other parties. This is why so many people are apathetic. If you disagree with this discrimination, write Irene as Chair of the Democratic Rural Caucus at: iws2iws2@gmail.com.

Dr. Noren’s latest campaign commercial can be seen below.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DB_b-lhGd-k?rel=0]

Dr. Scott Noren is a US Senate Candidate 2012 and more information about him and his platform can be obtained here: NorenForSenate.com and AggressiveProgressives.com.


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