Donation Lets Veterans Charity Recoup Equipment Stolen From Vandalized SUV

Published on January 19, 2017, 9:55 am
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Thieves targeted a van used to do charity work for veterans, and the very expensive items inside were stolen.

The man who runs the charity now believes more than ever that when you do good things, good things come your way.

There was a big smile on Gonzalo Duran’s face as he walked towards CBS2’s cameras with great news.

“Something happening this big is really incredible. It’s something new I haven’t experienced,” he said.

He was talking about a large amount of money donated to help him buy back all of the equipment vandals stole from his SUV. It is equipment he uses to film his Bronx community show “Vet Talk” a show meant to help homeless veterans.

He said the calls and emails started coming in after he spoke to media a week ago, but he remained in disbelief.

“People say stuff and do stuff and don’t follow through,” he said.

This time someone did. A man donated $10,000. It was wired into Duran’s account on Thursday morning.

“I had to call my bank for the first time to verify this was a legitimate thing,” he said.

It was legitimate, and he was able to get a new desktop and camera.

“For something like this it’s rejuvenated my passion for the work,” he said.

One of Duran’s colleagues and volunteers was also amazed.

“I didn’t expect people to help, and I guess part of me is being cynical because of the fact someone actually took from a veterans organization,” Kathleen Canzoniero said.

The shopping spree is not over yet.

“I’m gonna get the rest of the equipment, the mini cameras, and the accessories that go with all of this,” Duran said. “Whoever this person is, I want to get in contact with them and thank them the best that I can.”

Duran is not wasting time. On Thursday, he was getting ready to use his new camera for pictures at a veteran’s event on Arthur Avenue, and on Friday he will start filming his next episode of Vet Talk which is set to air sometime next month.

Duran said police have not caught the vandals yet.


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