Democratic Party Dissolves Itself Into Irrelevant Mootness Through Obstructionist Tantrums

Published on February 10, 2017, 12:10 pm
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Given the modus operandi of the Democratic party not only of the last 8 years but since its inception, as exposed by Dinesh DeSouza in “Hillary’s America”, all Americans should take personal inventory to ask themselves whether or not the Democratic Party may have crossed the Rubicon in their latest treasonous shill to obstruct everything now President Donald J. Trump does.

The Democratic Party Treasonous Dereliction of Duty now demonstrated in their “boycotting” hearings and required government functions; this author prophecies may likely backfire with such fury there may be no undoing the destruction they bring onto themselves. They fail to own the lack of fundamental leadership skills to realize the damage they bring onto their personal professional legacy, their family, their constituents, their government and their nation, shown by their irrational lack of facts and reason.

Dem obstructionism in the Trump administration gives the GOP the highly relevant option of redesigning our government architecture to exclude the Democratic Party entirely. The Dems by their “boycott” have eliminated themselves and their constituents from any input in our government. They refuse to vote, debate or engage; they dissolve the Democratic into irrelevant mootness, through their psychotic fallacy, reasoning that if they isolate themselves from their sacred role as a representative of We the People, their treasonous insubordination shill will somehow force their anemic minority to regain the delusional fantasy of grandeur held by their failed candidate Hillary Clinton.

The Dem Party Constituents are by default irrelevant, moot and muzzled from any government input by the obstructionist shill of their insubordinate representatives. As a professional whose employment history of 40 plus years in numerous Fortune companies, one basic syllogism we can take to the bank is that if we are hired to do a job, then don’t show up it will bring a plethora of unwelcome consequences: termination from employment and a professional reputation of uncooperative unprofessionalism; possibly a tainted psychological profile. The same applies here to the latest Democratic party insurrection of the U.S. government.

The Dems have eliminated themselves and the entire population of their constituents from our Republic, bordering on secession that triggered the civil war. Rather than embracing a healing process to include personal inventory, they have doubled down, refusing to restore their own sanity: refuse to take George Soros blood money, disown the Clinton Crime syndicate, refuse bribes, refuse pay for play, refuse the racist, divisive rhetoric of the organizer-golfer-in-chief of the last years, refuse the breathtaking shill façade the Democratic party has engaged in, including the occult practice of spirit cooking.

Messiah asked “What does it benefit a man if he gain the whole world; yet, lose his own soul?” Apriori truth of this priceless syllogism still stands today, regardless of how many riots, what level of violence whiny babies do to their neighbors for any amount of George Soros blood money.

Dems… you are put on notice, you are self destructing. Change course while you still can, before you are assigned to the trash heaps of history… like the Edsel, the Confederate Army, The Nazi Party and the rest of those who insisted on deceiving themselves in spite of repeated, exhaustive warnings.

Sign the petition, get your Dems back to work here.


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