Notice of Reference: 0112358-13

In God We Trust

Declaration of Nationality

Notice of Special Appearance: I am that I am: ‘‘Sharah Rose ©’’, in full life, in propria persona, sui juris, in solo proprio, Haqdar by natural issue, the beneficiary and heir of: ‘‘ROSE, SHARAH ©’’, corp. sole Dba.: ‘‘SHARAH ROSE ©’’, having reached the age of majority, being aboriginal to the northwestern and southwestern shores of Africa, the Atlantic Islands, the continental Americas, being duly certified, hereby affirms to declare my tribal intention to be as my pedigree subscribes, as a: Moor American, but not a citizen of the United States. I declare permanent, and unalienable, allegiance to The Moorish Empire, Societas Republicae Ea Al Maurikanuus Estados, The Constitution for the united States of America, Article III Section 2, The Lieber Code, Hague Conventions of 1899 & 1907, The Geneva Conventions, [United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples], and all natural laws governing moors, and hereby declare and proclaim my nationality in good faith as a: Moor American. I am that I am: ‘‘Sharah Rose ©’’, from this day forward, in harmony with my Nationality / Status / Jurisdiction, shall be known as: ‘‘sharah rose-el ©’’. Notice of White Flag Surrender: as “hors de combat”, pursuant to The Geneva Conventions, Article III, as a minister of The Moorish Empire, and Internationally Protected Person. Notice of LAWS AND CUSTOMS OF WAR ON LAND (HAGUE, IV), ARTICLE: 45, 46, & 47. Notice of Claim pursuant to Public Law 87-846, TITLE II, SEC. 203. Notice of Bailment Merging of Legal Title with Equitable Title: This order is to preserve legal and equitable title, and to reserve all rights, title, and interest, in the property, Re: Office of Vital Records/ Bureau of Vital Statistics / New York Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, State File Number: 156-83-200908, ‘‘SHARAH ROSE ©’’, to the depositor: ‘‘sharah rose-el’’, nom deguerre: ‘‘Sharah Rose ©’’. All property of the same issue and amount, in like kind and specie, is to be returned fully intact, as a Special Deposit order of the Depositor / Beneficiary / Bailor / Donor / Principal / Creditor: ‘‘sharah rose-el ©’’, nom deguerre: “Sharah Rose ©’’, as a special deposit order in lawful money.

This special deposit is to be used exclusively for the benefit of: ‘‘sharah rose el Trust ©’’, an Inter Vivos Unincorporated Divine Grantor Trust. This deposit is not to be commingled with general assets of any bank, nor depositary / trustee / agent / bailee / donee / debtor. This deposit is not limited to, but including: discharge and set off, of any and all outstanding liabilities as accord and satisfaction. Inter alia enact fuit. All Rights Reserved.

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