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Published on May 26, 2015, 1:22 am
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Gold can not be created but the way you get it, it is by washing off all the dirty material that is attached to it. The same way it works with a human being. You can not created a perfect man. The perfect man is already in you. You just have to wash off all the dirt that is attached to you.  

The biggest riddle a chosen one can solve is that he is not a chosen one. There are no chosen ones. People reap what they sow including chosen ones. And once he solves it, maybe that will make him special among others because he figured out that nobody is special.  

The greatest change a man can introduce to this world is to change himself.

Some things better be unsaid. Even “Some things better be unsaid” better be unsaid. 

A great talent won’t go unnoticed. An exceptional talent may go unnoticed.

The closer a man comes to perfection the more he resembles an intelligent woman, and yet he is 100% man.

Your true life begins when you stop questioning because you have found the answers.

The greatest pleasure in life is to do things that you want to do at the very moment.

Q: Is God mighty enough to end poverty? A: YesHowever, for the last couple thousands of years the poverty exists.  If you have little extra money and you can help out the poor, that does not mean you have to do it nor am I saying that you should not.  

One of the fears a man can encounter is to find himself because he does not know what he will find, he does not know how life will change afterwards. The unknown scars many a lot.

The perfect man for a woman is a man who is really close to autism, but not an autistic man.

If something touched your heart or soul, if it made you laugh or smile, it must be the truth.

If you remember who you used to be then you have not changed much.

The president, the CEO, a construction worker, an office worker, someone who is on welfare, and someone who does nothing whole day long get equally tired at the end of the day.

One of the worst things that can happen to a man is when he wins the Powerball, and as he goes to claim the money, the dollar crashes.

Acquiring wisdom is like aging. There are no big steps but one day at a time, one experience at a time.

One of the ways to find out how good you are in the eyes of heaven is by how many women are willing to follow you and stay with you.

The most important thing in life is to take care of yourself.

Jesus said, “But what do you think about this? A man with two sons told the older boy,’ Son, go out and work in the vineyard today.’ The son answered,’ No, I wont go,’ but later he changed his mind and went anyway. Then the father told the other son,’ You go,’ and he said,’ Yes, sir, I will.’ But he didn’t go.Which of the two obeyed his father? “They replied,” The first.” – A lot of atheists, agnostics, a lot of people who have no respect for the bible just happen to be the first son. They say no to God and yet they obey His will. Their language and actions are just like what God expects from people.  

Asking God to change your life is the same thing as asking a businessman for money. It does not work that way. Only you can change your life. The way you do it is by looking for the truth. The truth will stress you out. The stress will break your soul. When your soul breaks, a new soul is going to form. Once a new soul forms, your life will change forever. This is a slow process that takes many years.

                                                                  A Real Man

A real man has a job.  He would never get a living he can not afford.  He knows how to spent the money wisely. He wont ever buy a nice car, jewelry, house… just to impress someone. A real man loves  and respects women. He would never take advantage of one nor would he stalk one. He is intelligent but does not consider himself to be intelligent. He brings out the best in people. He is not in a hurry for anything and yet he is never late. He prefers an open sinner over a righteous hypocrite. He knows that life is not to be found somewhere out there, but it is to be found in the individual. 

A real an does not expect help form the government, although he might receive it at some point in the future because after all he pays taxes. He is confident because he has nothing to hide. He has a good physic because he has a strong spirit. He is very sensitive about his work because he pours out his soul into it. There is no lying in him. He does not hate anyone. He does not make fun of anyone because he understands a lot. He understands all kinds of disorders such as sleeping disorder, eating disorder, neurological disorder… because the is the path a typical man has to go through to become a real man.

A real man does not know how to flirt with women, and he has no pick up lines apart form,” Do you want to go to…?”  Most of the time he just speaks his mind. He never says never because he knows that life is full of positive and negative surprises. He is very sane. He wont just follow when told to follow, but he will question the motive behind the “following”. He will never point out your mistake or weakness just to feel better about himself. Teachings like” The Right Way To Act Around Women” or “Spending/Saving Money Helps The Economy Grow” confuse him.  

A real man would never suck up to anyone. He does not separate nationalities. To him they are all the same, but he does separate actions and hearts. He does not fight for being heard because people listen when he speaks. Nothing is too late for him but rather everything comes on time. He does not have unnecessary conversations. He does not see any difference between a man and a woman. He does not debate anyone on anything. He knows that the easiest women to talk to are the wise ones. 

A real man wont ever shove his belief into your face. People take advantage of him all the time because he is pure of heart and soul. They do it until he gets hurt too much. The pain causes him to turn evil. Then he starts understanding how things work in this world because this world is full of evil. He stays like that for many years until the evil burns out in him.  So he turns back to normal. Then nobody takes advantage of him anymore because now he has learned how the minds operate of good people and of bad people. He learned to distinguish a fake person from a real person, a fake friendship from a real friendship, a fake love from a real love… And he has also learned not to throw pears to pigs anymore.

A real man cant stand people cursing around him. No religious man, no atheist, no politician can bring down his spirit. He believes in God and yet he believes that,” your life is in your hands”. He forgives his enemies 7(77) times a day and yet he is not a machine, he runs out of patience too. He is hardworking but he wont ever pick work over family. The higher he goes the less he thinks of himself. He does not lead his life by emotions or feelings, but by what is right. He would rather let a loved one suffer a little and change afterwards than help him out and remain unchanged.  

A real man lives in the real world where he looks at things realistically. And those things scare him a lot, but he learns as he lives and grows as time goes by. His ultimate goal is to reach that level where his soul finishes forming, the level where he had made enough mistakes so he can boldly say,” I will never go back to that idiot I used to be”, the level where he knows that there is a higher power watching over him, keeping him save, and whispering to his heart,” There is nothing to be afraid of and nothing to worry about “. He knows that only strong and wise people can acknowledge a problem and then seek help. Because it takes strength to acknowledge a problem, wisdom to recognize it, and courage to seek help afterwards.  

A real man does not like to pressure anyone and he does not like to be pressured. He does not get involved into anyone’s life because he is too busy living his own life. He is easy to talk to. He wont ever say something negative about his country or family because he is a part of it. He is not attached to anything and yet he participates. The wiser he gets the less he jokes around. He knows a lot but not everything. Anything he does he takes his time so he can get the most out of it, and enjoy it to the fullest.


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