Celebrating Recent Connections Between The Bronx And The African Continent

Published on March 15, 2022, 2:05 pm
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The Bronx is famous for many things. It is a storied borough, where entire artistic movements have been born. Nobody could deny its cultural weight and significance in the American, and indeed global landscape.

However, some may be surprised by more recent waves of immigration. The Bronx was a common destination for immigrants from Africa, arriving in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries. These immigrants add to the cultural diversity of the area. Their contributions in areas such as art, food, and commerce should not be overlooked and provide a great opportunity to strengthen and explore ties between the African continent and the Bronx.

Make a Trip to the Continent

One of the best ways to connect with African people and culture is to visit Africa. This may sound obvious, but many people do not really consider it too easily. After all, if you are interested in African cultures, there is no better way to understand them than to be immersed in them.

If you are an African immigrant, connecting with other African cultures can still be a great experience. It can also provide context for understanding oneself and one’s new places of residence. Whatever the circumstances, strengthening these ties and interconnections has its merits.

How To Prepare

Your preparations will involve a few different parts. Some of them will be logistical. Some will be emotional. while others will be financial. They are all linked, so you cannot do one before the other, but you should do them all at the same time and calmly.

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We often overlook this part of traveling abroad. But websites are not always truly global. Due to server access, legal restrictions, and language, many websites are more available or better options in certain countries than in others.

In addition to taking care of these logistical concerns, make sure to be prepared to be away from home and to be open to truly experiencing new cultures. We all have a lot to learn from each other.

What to Do While You Are There

Although Africa is full of spectacular natural beauty, such as the Serengeti, it is by no means all that Africa has to offer. The continent is full of fascinating cultures, urban life, and social movements.

For example, Rwanda has some of the highest representation of women in politics in the world and is one of the most progressive countries when it comes to regulating the use of plastic. The capital of Rwanda, Kigali, is a metropolitan center full of music, food, and cultural happenings.

Recent Immigrants Contribute to Diversity

With a constantly changing legal landscape, we never know what will happen during the next administration. For example, a year ago, with the change of administration, they modernized the H-2A visa program. This digitalized the program intended to bring in more laborers.

The Bronx is currently home to many immigrants. Ghanaians are about 20,000 of them. For example, immigrants from Ghana are creating dance, food, and music in the Bronx. You can now go out and eat Fufu before going to see the dance ensemble K5!, the Ghanaian dance ensemble based in the Bronx. It is amazing to have so much diversity right here in our borough.

Let’s look at a concrete recommendation of where to go and enjoy Ghanaian culture.

Places to Visit in the Bronx

One of the premier restaurants to open in recent years has been Papaye, a Ghanaian local, where you can eat omo tuo, mashed rice balls, with fried fish. Or you can enjoy fermented corn with okra soup.

You can hear Ghanaian high-life music as you travel along 167th Street or other Ghanaian enclaves in the Bronx. While some are recent immigrants, others have been residing here for decades and have grown up with KRS-ONE.

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