CCRB Opens Application For 2021 Youth Advisory Council Class

Published on October 13, 2020, 12:35 pm
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The New York City Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) today opened the application period for its 2021 Youth Advisory Council (YAC) class. Members of the YAC, a group of young New Yorkers who counsel the CCRB regarding outreach to youth, have acted as intergenerational liaisons since the YAC’s inception in late 2018. The agency will consider applications from New Yorkers between the ages of 10 and 18 through November 30.

“No conversation about the future of policing in New York City is complete without the voices of youth,” said CCRB Chair Fred Davie. “Members of the Youth Advisory Council have transformed the discourse regarding young New Yorkers and the police, and I want to thank the 2020 class for their immense contributions to the CCRB. Throughout the summer, young people took to the streets to march and call for accountability in law enforcement. The CCRB hopes to harness that spirit of civic engagement through its YAC and yield positive change in our city, and I look forward to our next class of young leaders.”

The YAC has found innovative ways to bring young New Yorkers into the narrative about civilian oversight of the NYPD. In June, in tandem with the agency’s release of a report on youth and the NYPD, the CCRB released a youth-focused public service announcement. The project was the result of a joint effort between the YAC and film production company Never Whisper Justice.

In 2019, the YAC planned “Speak Up, Speak Out: A Youth Summit on Policing in New York City,” the CCRB’s first-ever full-day conference focused on the relationship between young New Yorkers and the NYPD. During the conference, young people from the five boroughs shared their experiences with policing, identified problems in their communities, and recommended solutions to public safety and police oversight practitioners and academics.

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About New York City Civilian Complaint Review Board

The New York City Civilian Complaint Review Board (CCRB) is the largest police oversight entity in the nation and is empowered to investigate, mediate, prosecute, and recommend disciplinary action for complaints alleging misconduct by NYPD officers. See NYC Charter § 440(c)(1).

The agency’s jurisdiction includes excessive and unnecessary force, abuse of authority, discourtesy, and use of offensive language.

To further this mission, CCRB issues monthly, biannual, and special statistical and qualitative reports analyzing trends and recurring issues arising from the many thousands of civilian complaints it receives each year.


CCRB Opens Application For 2021 Youth Advisory Council Class
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