Cardi B Posted Her Location On Twitter, Invited Anyone Who Wanted To Fight Her

Published on November 21, 2017, 12:39 pm
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With fame comes a lot of pressure and unwarranted opinions, but Cardi B is not going to let the haters get her down.

The Bronx native is known to respond to anyone who has a problem with her, and that is exactly what she did when one critic singled her out on Twitter on November 20, 2017. In a since-deleted thread, Cardi posted the address of the restaurant she was dining at, inviting anyone to come fight her.

After a Twitter user challenged her, Cardi dared them to “come beat me up.” “I don’t care what you think cause I still got payed and still royalty off record,” she added. “Why do guys talk about me 247 have my name in your tweets al f**king day. Like I got yaaa that mad for noooo reasooonnn.”

Cardi continued: “Nikka I’m worrying about making money this house me and my man buying and my wedding. You are one of the first people to comment on my video so why are you worrying about me?”

The “Bodak Yellow” singer then posted her address for everyone to see. “Anyway if anybody wanna fight I’m in 175 Saint Nicholas Ave Lola restaurant in case b***hes or n***as wanna fight with Gang,” she declared. “I pot something and n***as be the FIRST one suckin d**k on my page. Like deum 2.5 second just watch. Get off my s**t. Why you guys soo worry bout the Big BRIM! Watch them say they not bother under this tweet.”

Cardi has always been vocal about the pressures that come with fame. She has previously discussed how life in the limelight was difficult at times, and it was not exactly what she expected. “You be seeing these artists going through their meltdowns and f**king shit, and you be like, Why you doing all of that? You’re famous, you’re a fucking millionaire, why? B***h, I’m broke, I want to shave my head.” She told New York Magazine. “Then when you in those shoes, it’s just like, I see why people go crazy. This shit is not what it f**king seems.”

While no one wants to see Cardi B change, hopefully she will continue to get better at ignoring the haters. Check out her deleted tweets below.


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