Bronx Regional Health Information Organization Selects IMAT Solutions

Published on February 21, 2017, 6:26 pm
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IMAT Solutions, a leader in delivering innovative, real-time, Healthcare Data Management and Population Health reporting solutions, announced today it has signed a new client, the Bronx Regional Health Information Organization (Bronx RHIO), a clinical information exchange located in Bronx, New York.

Bronx RHIO serves the greater New York City area and the more than 1.4 million residents of the Bronx borough. Its participant base includes more than 90 hospitals, health systems, ambulatory care centers, performing provider systems, health homes, individual physician offices, long-term care, home care, and community and other organizations.

IMAT was selected because its product capabilities will enable the RHIO to build on the work begun with its CMS Innovations Award in 2012 – to provide population health and other analytics that support RHIO members in meaningful intervention and monitoring of patient outcomes and opportunities to impact those outcomes. 

“As a leader in the area of analytics, Bronx RHIO is excited to partner with IMAT who not only understands the data collection needs of the HIE space, but also provides data management features that actually enhance our ability to deliver meaningful population health measures and target populations for active engagement by our provider community,” said Charles Scaglione, CEO of Bronx RHIO.

According to IMAT, this will be achieved through the product’s comprehensive data management capabilities. IMAT’s solution collects, transforms, validates and integrates patient information drawn from multiple healthcare sources managed within the IMAT Enterprise Data Foundation. A key differentiator of the IMAT Enterprise Data Foundation is the set of patented technologies that enables a patient record to be received in any format then normalized, standardized and matched creating a consolidated patient record that can be leveraged by both clinical or business users. 

Kurt Garbe, CEO of IMAT Solutions, said, “While many RHIOs and HIEs have built their operation on older platforms designed to support connectivity and distribution of documents and information across participating healthcare providers, the Bronx RHIO was seeking a new approach, one based on a reliable, flexible core data management platform. They understand that to be successful as a health information exchange you must have a data management system capable of providing the analytics that enable physicians to improve patient outcomes. This is where everyone in healthcare must go and we are excited to help the Bronx quickly get there first.”

About Bronx Regional Health Information Organization (Bronx RHIO)

The Bronx Regional Health Information Organization (Bronx RHIO) is a clinical information exchange established by the borough’s patient-centered, rational, cost-effective system. Patients and clinicians will have vital health information when and where it is needed, enabling significant improvements to be achieved in patient safety, health outcomes and practice efficiencies. The Bronx RHIO participates in the Statewide Health Information Network for New York (the “SHIN-NY”). The SHIN-NY is a statewide network that allows the New York State healthcare system to share patient-specific health information securely and confidentially. To learn more, please visit here.

About IMAT Solutions

IMAT Solutions was formed in 2013 to provide key innovations in data accessibility, analysis, and reporting to healthcare organizations. The product suite is HIPAA-compliant, supporting customers across thirteen states, processing billions of records per year for more than 3,500 facilities, involving 30 million patients and 35,000 providers. IMAT enables clients to improve patient care and care coordination, increase quality of care delivery at a lower cost. It addresses the challenge of managing, normalizing and querying huge data sets in real-time, enabling users to access structured and unstructured (physician’s notes, transcripts) patient information. IMAT’s modules make it a flexible solution that can be tailored to each organization’s needs and increase the value of current investments.  To learn more about IMAT Solutions, please visit here.


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